Here's how Emily in Paris fans can experience the French capital on Netflix's official trip

fans of the series emily in paris A new holiday project in collaboration with Netflix gives you the chance to experience the French capital as its eponymous hero did.

The adventures of the clichéd protagonist, played by British-American actor Lily Collins, can be followed in an immersive journey by experiential travel startup Dharma. The company promises to offer a “homage to the cultural wonders” of Paris “for everyone.” A curious mind. ”

They are working with the producers of the series and have also received permission from streaming giant Netflix.

Prices for a four-night holiday for groups of eight to 16 people start from £2,155 per person, excluding flights.

The City of Love itinerary includes a masterclass on how to bake pain au chocolat, a knockback round of Lilette Spritz at a rooftop bar, and a private designer supervised by the film's head costume designer, Marilyn Fitussi. Includes atelier visit. emily in paris.

The trip will be hosted by a lifestyle influencer, or “Emilydar.” perfect match Star Ines Taji takes the lead initially.

“I love building bridges between online and offline, fiction and reality. By curating this new experience, I'm able to share what I love about Paris, from fashion to gastronomy to art to history. You can share as well. emily in paristhis is an ode to the French capital for culturally curious minds,” she said.

Charaf El Mansouri, Dalma's chief executive, said these trips are designed so that travelers “leave Paris with something much more meaningful than just a souvenir beret and a photo.” “There is,” he said.

“Our core belief is that the future of travel is not about where, but why. Many of us are seeking transformative travel experiences. Like the series emily in paris It makes me wish there was a “book this trip” button at the end of every episode, but that's the chance we're looking forward to going forward. ”

emily in paris Emily Cooper, an American aspiring marketing professional, moves through life after moving from Chicago to France. Her first season was critically derided, but opinion changed in season two, with reviews claiming that the show was “a joke”. With series 3 released at the end of 2022, the series once again attracted negative reviews.

try it yourself emily in paris– Want an inspired trip without splurging thousands of pounds? Read our guide on how to experience the French capital the Emily way.

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