How the 2024 Paris Olympics will impact travel

The impact of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games on travel across the capital is becoming clearer, with restrictions planned for planes, road vehicles, pedestrians and subways.


During the opening ceremony on July 26, 2024, the skies above Paris will be closed for five hours.

Paris airports (Roissy, Orly, Beauvais) do not allow planes to take off or land (except for emergency flights or emergency flights with advance exemption) from 7pm to midnight.

A no-fly zone will be established around the capital with a radius of 150 kilometers at all altitudes.

The Department for Transport said: “The Air Force is responsible for ensuring compliance with established Restricted Airspace and Forbidden Airspace Zones using specific detection and intervention resources.

“General users such as airlines, professionals and individuals will be asked to postpone their activities or bypass this zone during this period.”

If you have a ticket booked for a flight that is canceled on this date, the airline must offer you an alternative flight or issue a refund.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) also said other no-fly zones could be introduced during the Games “to protect specific locations”.

road vehicles and pedestrians

Anyone wishing to travel by road vehicle or on foot in certain areas of Paris during the Games will need to sign up on a digital platform to obtain a QR code that allows access.

Proof of residence will also be required when traveling to property within the zone.

Police Chief Laurent Nuñez said the plan will help ensure safety and security during the event.he Said Parisian: “You will need to register on a digital platform in advance and submit several documents, including proof of residence.”

Upon request by the police, you will be asked to present a QR code or other documents.

For example, Nuñez said, “As a practical matter, if a Parisian who lives near the Seine wants to invite his friends to watch the opening ceremony from his window, he needs to register on the platform.”

For example, if you want to have dinner at a restaurant near the Seine River, you will need to follow the same procedure.

“You have to justify the fact that you are entering the perimeter to go to a restaurant, so you have to register on the platform in advance,” he said.

The online platform is expected to open in March or “at the latest in April,” he added.

Nuñez said that vulnerable people and people who do not have access to the internet will be given ID badges from Merry de Paris to prove their right to access. “We are working closely with them,” he said.

Similarly, the zones closest to the event are likely to be completely closed to motor vehicles, and those wishing to do so will need prior approval.

Each site has four security perimeters, most of which will be in place 2.5 hours prior to the event.

  • Inner circle: Access is only available to authorized persons or those with tickets to a specific event. Vehicles are prohibited from passing.

  • Second inner circle: Anyone entering (including pedestrians and cyclists) will be searched and most vehicles will be prohibited from passing.

  • Third circle: There are no restrictions on pedestrian or bicycle traffic. Most vehicles are still prohibited.

  • Fourth (outermost) circle: There are no restrictions on pedestrian or bicycle traffic. Public vehicles are allowed to enter if there is a valid reason (e.g. living, working or leisure plans).

Each zone will have specific entrances and exits, but “it's too early to make that public,” Nuñez said.

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subway, train, bus

The Paris metro system, operated by Ile de France Mobilites (IdFM), will be introducing specific “passes” during the event, IdFM has confirmed.

Ticket prices will be double the normal price to make Olympic tourists pay access fees to the busiest zones and an additional 200 million euros invested by the company in preparing the network to accommodate increased passenger numbers There is a possibility that it will become.

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The Paris Pass will be valid from July 20, 2024 to September 8, 2024, covering the entire period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

So far, the plans include a weekly pass for 70 euros, or a daily pass for 16 euros. This pass offers unlimited access to the entire Ile-de-France transport network, including Orlybuses, Orlyval, Roissybuses, Noctilien and Fileo night buses, as well as TER and Intercity trains that stop on the Ile-de-France It has been.

A one-way metro ticket will cost 4 euros, almost double the current price of 2.10 euros. Navigo's daily and weekly passes will not be available during the event.

“We refuse that these additional costs should be paid to the people of Ile-de-France,” IdFM president Valerie Pécresse said on X (formerly Twitter).

#JOP2024 : @IDFmobile Olympic and Paralympic transport offers increase #Paris2024.

I refuse to allow residents of Ile-de-France to pay these additional costs. Who will pay what from July 20th to September 8th? Here it is ⤵️

— Valerie Pecresse (@vpecresse) November 27, 2023

However, these proposals still require approval from the IdFM Board of Directors, so plans are subject to change. Voting is scheduled for December 7th.

Once the passes are issued, they will be available for purchase on a special “Olympic” section of the IdFM website, which will be published in advance.

Mr. Pécresse urged residents of Ile-de-France to purchase a commuter pass by July 20, join the Liberté+ loyalty program, which gives them access to low-cost train and bus tickets, and redeem high-priced tickets during the period. I advised them to avoid having to pay the fee. game.

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