Where was One Day filmed? Rome, Paris, London and the Greek Islands all revealed

The long-awaited romantic comedy drama series one day Finally released on Netflix.

The latest adaptation of David Nichols' 2009 bestselling novel of the same name, starring Leo Woodall (white lotus) and Ambika Mod (this hurts) as star-crossed lovers Dexter and Emma.

Set over 14 episodes, with the first scene taking place on July 15, 1988, and each episode taking place exactly one year later, we see the two grow up and take different paths through life .

Filming took place in Rome, Greece, London, and Edinburgh, so there are plenty of adventure-filled moments.

Where was One Day filmed?

Leo Woodall and Ambika Modh (scene from Netflix's One Day) (Ludovic Robert/Netflix)

During the filming of one day It was held in several locations in the UK and Europe.

In the first episode, Emma and Dexter meet for the first time at a university graduation party in Edinburgh.

The scenes were filmed in the courtyard of the Old College, a late 18th and early 19th century building at the University of Edinburgh.

After getting to know each other, the pair hike the picturesque extinct volcano and Scottish landmark Arthur's Seat.

And in the final moments of episode one, we see Dexter chasing Emma for her phone. This scene was filmed at the Vener Steps, a historic and scenic alley located on the edge of the Grassmarket, with stunning views of Edinburgh Castle.

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In episode 2, Dexter vacations in Rome, where he meets his parents. Viewers watch as he stands in front of his statuesque 17th-century Acqua His Paola Fountain, strolls through the parklands and restaurants of the Trastevere district, and meets his mother at the Spanish Steps.

A day in the life of Leo Woodall and Essie Davis (Netflix)

according to Condé Nast Traveler, the hotel where Dexter meets his mother with stunning views of the Roman skyline was actually filmed at two hotels near Piazza Navona. The terrace is part of the Biohotel Rafael in Largo His Febo, and the entrance to which Dexter bids farewell is Campo de His Fiori on Via Biscione.

The Greek island where young couples vacation together is Paros. Episode 4 features the beautiful fishing village of Naoussa in the north of the island, the port of Naoussa, several of the island's beaches, as well as the narrow cobblestone streets, old churches, and blue-and-white buildings of the town of Parikia.

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Returning to London, filming took place at London's finest hotels, The Savoy, Primrose Hill and King's Cross Station.

Loco Caliente, the Mexican restaurant where Emma and Ian work, was actually filmed at the Old Suffolk Punch, one of Hammersmith's oldest pubs, but the outlet says it is now a new pub and sleeping quarters. The building is currently awaiting demolition to make way for a 40-room hotel. Hammersmith today.

In episode 9, Dexter has a difficult time staying at his new girlfriend's parents' palatial mansion in Hertfordshire.

Filming took place at Bennington Roadship, near Stevenage, Hertfordshire. “A tranquil garden park known for its lush countryside, castle ruins, and modern sculptures.” It is a popular destination for snowdrops in February and hosts the popular Bennington Chili Festival each August.

Couple visits Greek islands in series (Netflix)

Hatfield House in Hertfordshire is also a location used for filming the film. one day. Tilly's post-wedding reception, where Emma gives a speech, takes place in the historic Old Palace.

The pair then stroll along Lime Walk in the west garden of Hatfield House.

Built in 1611, the Jacobean House has also been a filming location for movies. favorite, paddington 2, bridgerton and spin-off series queen charlotte.

Episode 12 sees Dexter arrive in Paris to visit Emma, ​​who has moved to the French capital for a research visit.

The two strolled down Rue Pierre Somar, then stopped to talk at Rue Emmanuel Riva, a railway bridge that crosses the Canal Saint-Martin, a former industrial waterway lined with trendy restaurants and bars.

Why not enjoy your own French cuisine? independent personA reviewer for Le Bourg Tibour named it the capital's most romantic hotel, writing: “The place is full of eccentric luxury. The chandeliers, antique furniture, rich fabrics and wallpaper are all deep reds, purples, It has green and gray accents.”

Can I visit the filming location for One Day?

Well, except for the Old Suffolk Punch, yes. Hatfield House and Gardens is currently closed for the season, but will reopen on May 23rd.

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