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Students at Disneyland Paris

Do you remember your favorite school trip? Maybe it was the first time you spent time away from home or the first time you visited an exciting exhibition. To the lucky students who visited Disneyland Paris for the European Study Tour Live! It's going to take something special to knock the Visits out of the top spot in the conference.

Schools from across the UK visit France's top attractions to experience the magic that awaits beyond the gates, as well as learn from expert speakers offering advice in their fields to inspire the stars of tomorrow. I was also able to do that. .

Schools that book can choose one of three conferences. In my case, it was Computing LIVE!, Business LIVE! Or Media LIVE! Students will use what they learned at the conference as inspiration to complete a customized workbook within the Disney Parks.

“As a society, we have failed our children by not taking them outside the classroom enough. No matter how good a teacher you are, and if I am a good teacher, Even though I thought, I need other people outside to give me more inspiration, and coming to lectures like this really helps.”

Bobby Segal, television personality and math teacher

This year marks the 20th anniversary of this initiative, and it's clear why it has stood the test of time over the past two decades. In fact, in 2004 he had 600 students visiting, and in 2024 he has increased significantly to around 4,000 students visiting over three dates. But what makes this visit so great? Well, most importantly, it's an extremely rewarding experience for both students and teachers.

Susie Jones, a teacher at Twynham School in Dorset, said she had been bringing her students to Computing LIVE! for many years. Because conferences are a great way to get information about new technologies from knowledgeable people.

She said: “It’s great to be able to get more involved with our students and with the new technology they’re using. We bring new ideas and new twists to the themes we’re teaching based on what we hear here. If you can do that, your students will trust you more to help them with their studies.”

Students at the IMAX Theater at Disneyland Paris

Students meet and ask questions from industry experts who can help them make informed decisions, whether it's business plan ideas they want to explore later in life or the latest media trends to apply to their career aspirations. can do.

And, as I realized from a very early stage, you are in safe hands with European Study Tours' team of experts. As with any school, I was greeted by a friendly face and explained where and when I needed to go. The bright pink jumper was also easy to spot and very useful in crowded areas.

“We try to have Careers and Progression Days in schools, but taking part in events like this outside of our comfort zone is really beneficial for our students as it gives them a fresh perspective.”

Liam Hickey, Peter Symonds College Teacher, Winchester

The conference itself went like clockwork. Visitors will feel welcomed and will immediately feel at ease. It's a breath of fresh air for teachers working with large groups.

Liam Hickey, a teacher at Peter Symonds College in Winchester, said: “Business is live!” The conference was one of the most fulfilling experiences he had.

He added: “Everything we do as a school is about enriching our students' educational experience, because we want to prepare them for later life. day, but attending an event outside of their comfort zone like this can be very helpful as it gives them a fresh perspective.

Lewis Barnett speaks on Business LIVE!at disneyland paris

“From a business perspective, it's useful in that you can see the Disney brand everywhere and it makes you think about the opportunities that are out there.

“It also helps you make connections. There are a lot of students who are looking to take advantage of LinkedIn, so by joining it you can network with other teachers and colleagues as well as professionals already in the industry. You can build it.”

sensational speakers

Of course, the big draw of this visit wasn't just the amazing Disneyland Paris Resort, but also the talented presenters themselves. At each conference I attended, the room really buzzed as industry experts told their stories and often sparked new interest.

Journalist Christina Criddle began her series on Computing LIVE! by explaining her journey to writing about technology. financial times Meanwhile, Oxford University graduate Joanna Baptista highlighted her mission to bridge the socio-economic gap for young women pursuing traditionally male careers.

Game developer Ben Byford ended the session by detailing his life in the world of computer games, which inspired one student to ask which coding language to learn at beginner level. I started asking.

See what our mascot Teacher Ted did during his visit…

Business live! It made for a more engaging story. Zakia Moulaoui, CEO of Invisible Cities, said his business trains people who have experienced homelessness to be his walking tour guides in their own cities and creates private tours that focus on real people's stories. We explained how we offer remote tours.

She was followed by award-winning businesswoman Kate Hardcastle and Louis Barnett, the youngest chocolatier in history, who at the age of 14 supplied the Sainsbury's and Waitrose supermarket chains.

“This visit teaches students more than computer science. It’s about independent money management, making sure students listen to instructions, and managing their time properly. Ultimately, it’s about going out and seeing the world and the teacher from a different perspective.”

Susie Jones, teacher at Twynham School, Dorset.

The third and final conference Media LIVE! Opened with TV personality and mathematician Bobby Segal, followed by presenter Gemma Hunt. Happy Hour at JaackMaate Podcast co-host Stevie White.

When Bobby Segal is not competing in competitions, he teaches part-time in London. celebrity hunt or university challenge, I'm a big supporter of LIVE! Initiative.

Bobby Segal at Disneyland Paris

He told us: As a school teacher, I know that when students come to a new place outside the classroom, they can finally see their subject matter in real life and in a completely different environment. These school visits ground students and prepare them for future opportunities.

“I hope that my students will be able to expect the unexpected from my talks. I never intended to pursue a career in media, so everything my students learn in school and through experiences like this Small things can lead to something great in the future.”

“As a society, we have failed our children by not taking them outside the classroom enough. No matter how good a teacher you are, and if I am a good teacher, Even though I thought, I need other people outside to inspire me more, and coming to lectures like this really helps.”

How can I participate next year?

2025 LIVE tickets! Schedules are currently on sale. It will run on Monday, February 3rd, Monday, February 24th, and Monday, March 3rd. The first event will host conferences in Design and Technology, Computing, and Mathematics, while the second event will host Computing, Business Research, and Media, followed by Mathematics, Science, and Psychology.

Price includes round-trip travel with an executive coach, two nights of B&B accommodation, one-day ticket to Hopper Park, admission to student events at selected conferences, exclusive curriculum-linked workbooks for students, group travel insurance, and 10 students. Includes one free teacher space per student.

For more information please visit

disney magic

Away from the conference, teachers can take students to Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park, giving students controlled autonomy in a new environment.

There are many vehicles to choose from.Thrill seekers can head to star wars hyperspace mountain or big thunder mountain railroadwhile others may enjoy it. buzz lightyear laser blast or Pirates of the Caribbean At Adventureland.

Big Thunder Mountain Railway at Disneyland Paris

Teacher Susie Jones added: “This visit teaches students more than computer science. It's about independent money management, making sure students listen to instructions, managing their time properly, and finally is about going out and seeing the world and teachers from a different perspective.

“It's great to see students enjoying Disneyland. A few years ago I took a group of young students and I could see the look on their faces when they walked through the castle. It was amazing just to watch.”

An event where students ask questions on European Study Tours LIVE!

On the way home after a very enjoyable trip, I was truly moved. Even pouring rain and holes in my shoes (pressure!) didn't dampen the experience of teachers and students coming together to learn creatively. My only regret was not being able to experience this while I was a student. Those who have tried it will never be disappointed.

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