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“There are only two places in the world where we can live happily: at home and in Paris,” Ernest Hemingway once wrote in his acclaimed memoirs. moving holidays. Those are very wise words. Call it the City of Lights, the City of Love, the fashion capital of the world, whatever you want. Paris has a deep history and is fascinating in every way. And now, with low-cost airline French Bee having routes between Paris and U.S. cities like Newark, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami, traveling has become much easier. emily in paris A moment happens. The aforementioned flight arrives in Orly, just 20 minutes from the city, and offers two classes of travel: Economy and Premium He Economy. Both are affordable options for those who want to splurge on food and shopping rather than airfare.

Whether you're people-watching in a cafe, shopping for designer pieces at a discount, or drinking wine from a carafe (we can't judge here), there are things that happen in Paris that will make you never want to leave. We have a lot. Without further ado, here is a summary of our editor-approved recommendations that you shouldn't miss. bon voyage!


Art District Gallery at Le Royal Monceau — Raffles Paris

Royal Monceau art district

charlotte chateau

Bel Air Fine Art Group has partnered with Le Royal Monceau at Raffles Paris to create a modern art gallery open to the public that showcases themed French works throughout the year. All art is for sale here, so there's a very good chance you'll never see the same version in the gallery twice. But that's also the appeal for art lovers, as there are always new works and new artists to discover in these great spaces. After enjoying the most elevated art gift shop experience of your life, be sure to stop by the hotel's La His Libraries des Arts. Filled with art books and gifts organized by color (carefully hand-picked by the hotel's art concierge). Everyone…and every budget.

Galeries Lafayette Champs Elysées

galeries lafayette

carl hub

Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées has added more than 30 brands to its offering, including Instagram-worthy brands such as Rixo, By Far and Staud. None of them are French, but they're all inherently stylish. With interactive exhibits and a carefully selected selection of sustainable products, it's much different than your average department store.

La Vallee Village

La Vallee village

Courtesy of Bicester Collection

It turns out that the best shopping in Paris is in La Vallée Village, just 40 minutes from the city. This upscale outdoor shopping center features more than 100 luxury stores, including Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Prada, plus live music, restaurants, coffee shops (like Ralph's Coffee), and a bespoke shopping service where someone will carry your bags for you. Equipped with: There's no need for that.

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hermes lift profile scarf 90
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where to eat

peace cafe

peace cafe

Jerome Garland

Since opening in 1862, this famous cafe at the historic InterContinental Paris Le Grand has served everyone from Oscar Wilde to Marlene Dietrich. We're especially fans of breakfast, and the hotel's celebratory anniversary cocktail, the InterContinental 75, is a creative take on the classic French 75, combining Piper-Heidsieck Champagne, The Botanist Gin, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and honey water. It's definitely worth it. I'm trying.

bontemps pastry

good time pastries

Provided by Bontemps Patisserie

bright lights paris Author and self-proclaimed Francophile Angie Niles enjoys bite-sized desserts and bontemps in a quiet, uncrowded tea salon in the back, aptly called “Le Jardin Secret” (also known as “The Secret Garden”).・I trust the patisserie.



Michel Treet

Located in the Museum of Decorative Arts overlooking the Louvre Museum, Link Needless to say, it is a popular spot among fashion enthusiasts. Luckily the food is just as great as the views and advertising. The French Mediterranean menu includes grilled calamari, homemade veal, and vanilla his cream-filled chouquettes (aka French puff pastry). For those who don't know, Loulou de la Falaise was Yves Saint Laurent's muse.

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where to drink

bar hemingway

bar hemingway

bernhard winkelmann

Pay homage to the legendary author with a drink at his namesake hangout inside the Ritz Hotel. Decorated with photos of famous visitors and staffed by servers in white suits, this cozy bar is a piece of history, with Hemingway's typewriter in full view.

marsh perch

marsh perch

Sebastian Lande

Located on the rooftop of department store BHV Marais, Le Perchoir Marais is the perfect place to socialize over cocktails with the Eiffel Tower, Seine River and Hôtel de Ville in the background. Emily would be proud.

Le Meurice Bar 228

A room with a large chandelier and a large chandelier

Provided by Le Meurice

There's a good reason Jay-Z name-checked Le Meurice. This five-star hotel, located on the iconic Rue de Rivoli, was historically called the Hotel des Rois (translation: Hotel of the Kings) because it was frequently visited by royal guests. Bar 228 is the perfect place to relax with a cocktail and listen to live jazz music nightly.

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Hotel des Grands Voyageurs

Get ready to see Hôtel des Grands Voyageurs on your Instagram feed. This newly opened boutique hotel on the Left Bank is not only picturesque but also downright comfortable. Designed by Fabrizio Casiraghi, you'll feel like you're staying in the private residence of France's most famous gallerist (several works by Gustav Klimt are on display). Combine that atmosphere with the on-site brasserie Grands Voyageurs. Underground Denver, Poppy. With affordable rates starting from 300 euros per night, you'll get the best deals in town. That is, as long as it lasts.

Shangri-La Paris

Photographer Marcelo Barbosa

VRX studio

No one goes to Paris and locks themselves in a hotel all day, but this is the first hotel we've ever stayed at that made us feel like doing so. Located in the 16th District, Shangri-La is the epitome of sophistication and luxury. Feel like royalty as you sip champagne in the gardens while admiring the glow of the Eiffel Tower or dine on amazing pad thai at restaurant La Bauhinia. This is not surprising since the building was originally Napoleon's personal palace. Grandfather Prince Roland Bonaparte.

Hotel Plaza Athens

Hotel Plaza Athénée

Provided by Hotel Plaza Athénée

Remember that iconic scene from the finale? sex and the city When Carrie broke her necklace and threw up her feet at the reception desk? It was filmed at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, along with many other important moments in film history. The pinnacle of luxury, this property has been and continues to be for many years. of A favorite place for A-listers.Bonus: There are now two restaurants run by a French chef and a former chef. top boss Winner Jean Humbert: Jean Humbert of Plaza Athénée and Place Le Relais.

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da capo press Enchant You: The Autobiography of Nina Simone
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beauty picks

Anthelios Tinted Mineral Ultralight Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 50
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Instead of applying heavy foundation, let your skin breathe with a tinted moisturizer from France with SPF 50. Is your skin even, hydrated, and protected? Yes, yes.

Franju Puff Dry Shampoo Brush
Violette FR Frange Puff Dry Shampoo Brush

In case you didn't already know, Violette, the ultimate French woman, has a line that bears her name. If you want an easy, tousled look, get this dry shampoo. You'll have more time to explore the sights and less time worrying about your hair.

water spray perfume
chanel eau de parfum spray

Why mess with the classics? Chanel number 5 spritz is everytime That's a good idea.

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