More flights between London and Paris, more holiday traffic: 8 latest updates on France travel

This week we saw Where drivers are most likely to have an accident in France, How long can you park your car in the same place without being fined?SNCF released its Summer international train tickets.

Take a look at other travel news that impacted France this week.

Road travel updates

Roads are expected to be congested on Saturday

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The end of the school holidays in Zone B (Aix-Marseille, Amiens, Caen, Lille, Nancy-Metz, Nantes, Nice, Orléans-Tours, Reims, Rennes, Rouen, Strasbourg) means many holidaymakers will be returning home this weekend. means. , roads will be busier than usual in many areas.

This weekend marks the end of the Belgian Carnival school holidays, so traffic congestion is expected near Belgium's northern border and ski resorts in the Alps.

According to France's official traffic monitoring website, roads in the Alpine Route, Rhône Valley and eastern border regions are expected to be particularly congested on Saturday, March 9. wise person. Highways leading to mountain resorts such as the A40, A43 and N85 are also congested.

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Latest information on train travel

TGV between Lille and Paris could run for less than 10 euros by 2028

French high-speed rail startup Kevin Speed ​​signed a deal this week with train operator SNCF to offer low-cost rail travel between Paris and three major cities.

This agreement ensures access to the Company's “''.tool manufacturerFrom 2028, services from Paris to Lille, Strasbourg and Lyon will begin.

The deal means you could get a ticket for a high-speed trip from Lille to Paris for just 10 euros. reel news I will report it.

The line also serves intermediate stations such as:

  • Lille Flanders – TGV Autopicardie – Gare du Nord

  • Strasbourg – Lorraine TGV – Meuse TGV – Champagne-Ardenne TGV – Paris Gare de l'Est

  • Lyon Part-Dieu – Mâcon-Rocher TGV – Le Clouzot Monceau-Monchanin TGV – Paris Gare de Lyon

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Department of Transport releases map showing crowded transport routes to avoid during Olympics

Announced by the French Ministry of Transport. interactive map This will allow travelers to Paris to plan their trips before, during and after this summer's Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The map shows hourly congestion on the capital's roads and public transport, helping travelers plan the shortest route.

It also predicts which subway lines are likely to be the busiest, so travelers can see where to avoid.

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Ferry travel updates

Cross-Channel ferry traffic between Cherbourg and Ireland sets new record

The number of people sailing between Cherbourg and Ireland set a new record in 2023, with around 325,566 passengers traveling on this route, an increase of 19% in a year.

Ireland accounted for 60% of ferry traffic originating from Cherbourg in 2023, spread across the three ferry companies operating this route: Irish Ferries, Brittany Ferries and Stena Line.

Latest information on air travel

Ryanair launches 'rescue fares' for Wizz Air passengers

Wizz Air's withdrawal from the Nice-London route has been preempted by rival low-cost carrier Ryanair, which is offering “rescue fares” for affected passengers on the route from £24.99 or €29.29.

Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air has canceled more than 80 routes across Europe in 2024, including routes to Albania, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Serbia and Slovenia.

Ryanair's head of communications Jade Kirwan said in a statement: “Ryanair has come to the rescue once again following Wizz Air's sudden closure of its London-Nice service in the summer of 2024.

Three French airports abolish Paris-Orly route

Air France will discontinue routes connecting Paris-Orly with Nice, Marseille and Toulouse.

This comes after the route between Paris Airport, Montpellier and Bordeaux was discontinued in 2021.

The airline announced in a press release that domestic air travel from Orly has decreased by 40%.

In addition to changes in habits, such as fewer people commuting to work due to more people working from home, the French government is encouraging people to take trains instead of planes for domestic travel.

Lufthansa City Airlines launches flights to Bordeaux

Lufthansa City Airlines will begin flying from Munich Franz Josef Strauss International Airport this summer to destinations such as Bordeaux as well as the UK and Germany.

The company is expected to expand its network across Europe in the coming months.

easyJet to increase frequency between Southend Airport and Paris this summer

easyJet has announced that it will increase its flights between Southend Airport and Paris Charles de Gaulle from July to August.

For two months in line with the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, in addition to the current Monday and Friday flights, there will be a special flight on Sundays.

The low-cost carrier also announced that it will launch a new route to Iceland from September 3rd to Reykjavík, starting from 52 euros.

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