The ultimate travel guide to the 2024 Paris Olympics

Champ de Mars Arena

Only one new venue is under construction, meaning the streets of Paris in 2024 will be dotted with temporary buildings. Perhaps the most beautiful venue, located behind the Grand Palais, the curving wooden structure almost mirrors that of the older building next door. The Champ de Mars Arena is being used as an alternative space during the refurbishment of the Grand Palais and will remain in use for several more months to host judo and wrestling.


One of Paris' most impressive public spaces will be renovated and, during the Olympics, adorned with several temporary stadiums designed to host the latest Olympic sports. The site, which was first cleared to house the statue of Louis XV, will host a variety of contemporary events, including skateboarding, 3×3 basketball, BMX freestyle, and the first-ever breakdancing.

Although it may seem contradictory, hosting relatively new sports in temporary venues in historic areas is a proven strategy for the Olympics, especially as it combines the characteristics of European cities: ancient and modern. It will be realized at the same time.


The winner will be the one who holds the archery event near the Hôtel des Invalides, which is now a French military history museum and monument. A typical venue of the first group, Les Invalides is located in the center of Paris, and the Esplanade is one of the city's popular leisure destinations, where Parisians and tourists stroll and play. In 2024, it will become a dedicated Olympic area for athletes and spectators to interact.

destination: One of the new-age jazzy luxury hostels, Yuma Urban Lodge Eiffel (double from £85) is located on the Seine, a 15-minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, and is the perfect place for families. Though careful attention has been paid to facilities such as the kitchen, there is still plenty of room for Parisian flair, including a rooftop market garden and sophisticated interiors.

Where to eat: Guy de Maupassant was having lunch at a restaurant at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. It was the only place he couldn't see the buildings he hated so much. Madame He need not harbor an opinion about the tower's aesthetic value to dine at his brasserie on the ground floor of the tower. Please take a look at Gustave's menu.

what will you do: The Military Museum of Les Invalides has undergone extensive renovations and will reopen fully renovated in June 2024. Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb stands in the center of a baroque church. The Baroque church is the work of Hardouin Mansart, who also designed the halls of Napoleon's Cathedral. Mirror of Versailles.

west of paris

Parc des Princes and Roland Garros Stadium

Currently the home of France's famous soccer club, Paris Saint-Germain, Parc des Princes is steeped in sporting history. Older rugby fans may remember gathering there to watch the French team during the Five Nations tournament, just as they did then. Going back even further, matches were held during the 1938 World Cup.

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