Inside room 311 of the only three important chateaus in Paris

In 2024, the Michelin Guide will launch the first-ever Michelin Key, an entirely new distinction recognizing the best hotels around the world. St. James Paris is one of his few three-key selections in Paris. Please see the selection team's official statement here.

Below, take a peek at one of the hotel's signature spaces.

Above: View of room 311
Above: View of room 311

Above: View of room 311


Room number 311, one of the eight Prestige Suites at St. James Paris.


16th Arrondissement: An upscale residential area 10 minutes by car from the Eiffel Tower.

Who stays here:

Honeymooners, royalty, celebrities… It's one of the most expensive rooms in our hotel selection, and for good reason.


The dreamscape of a master French designer. As I open the door to room 311, I squint at the sunlight streaming through the glass roof and the bright white light of the suite's private winter garden. It complements the wonderful gardens outside, another miraculous anomaly of Paris. Built in 1892, the St. James is the city's only bona fide chateau hotel and once had enviable dormitory space for college students on special scholarships. When it became a private club in the 1980s, architects added a glass roof to the attic to create more comfortable sleeping areas.

Mission complete. The sunny winter garden, with large green plants and distinctive mushroom-inspired ceramic candlesticks, resembles a centuries-old French design time machine, as intended by star designer Laura Gonzalez. It's the perfect touch for a design scheme that feels .

Grecian-style busts overlook the grounds from waist-high plinths, highlighting the building's neoclassical roots, while bold lamps, sofas, and chairs bring together the best of Art Deco shapes and colors. Masu.

Despite all this, it doesn't feel busy even with the piano. This is unique to his room 311. Don't spend all your time here as the rest of the building is just as nice.

Above: Hotel restaurant and "chanel" stairs
Above: Hotel restaurant and "chanel" stairs

Above: Hotel restaurant and Chanel staircase


This is the only hotel in Paris that fits the definition of a classic country-style chateau, and its existence is highly unlikely. Just look at the huge lobby for proof. There's really no reason for it to exist. It came true because the widow of former president Adolphe Thiers spared no expense in memorializing her husband, spending her fortune to build this building as a tribute to her husband. Nothing but.

Every time we look up at the neoclassical façade, we are even more in awe, but it is the gardens and 5,000 square meters of green space that make up the setting. The French countryside is dotted with gorgeous little mansions on gorgeous grounds. This place is right next to the Arc de Triomphe.

Here are some tips:

Skip the elevator and take the Chanel stairs instead. Coco Chanel's studio had a similar mirrored staircase, and she stood at the top observing the audience and models without being seen. Instead of models filling the mirrors here, it's a dazzling red carpet whose Art Deco patterns contrast energetically with the rest of the 19th-century mansion's columns and balustrades.

Room service?

Michelin-starred restaurant Bellefeuille is open to the public only on weekdays, and for just 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you are a guest (or a member of a private his club), breakfast and lunch are available. That said, Bellefeuille food is only served inside the restaurant. Room service is available 24/7 with a specific menu.

Above: Library, boudoir room type, view from the garden
Above: Library, boudoir room type, view from the garden

Above: Library, boudoir room type, view from the garden

How to book now:

Visit the hotel page and select the Prestige Suite (to request the Piano Suite, add a special note at checkout).

If you can't do that:

All rooms are wonderful. And all follow the same design principles introduced by Laura Gonzalez. A highlight is the four full-service luxury apartments located in the villa next door. Or you can book a boudoir room for a much more affordable rate.

Hero Image: St. James Paris – Paris, France

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