Expert guide to enjoy your weekend in Paris

The uniform sandstone of Haussmann-style buildings, gilded historical monuments, the sparkling Seine River and graceful bridges make Paris arguably the most famous and romantic cityscape in the world. But while the city wears its history of monarchies, revolutions, rebellions and artistic innovations in its characteristic style, it also increasingly looks to the future and to other parts of the world. I'm heading towards it.

Those looking to explore the city's rich heritage can get lost in the Louvre, stroll through the Musée d'Orsay, or wander in and out of Paris's myriad historic churches (many of which were reinvented as republican temples after the Revolution). You can spend a long afternoon there. For a more contemporary take, there's plenty to explore in the less touristy suburbs, from Belleville's hillside arts venues to Pigalle's boutique hotel and reinvented Dive His bar.

See all the local highlights on the interactive map below, then scroll down for a daily summary of recommended things to see and do…

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