Daughter surprises mother at airport, announces trip to Copenhagen, Paris

What mother-daughter duo wouldn't want to take an impromptu girls' trip to Europe?

For Kat and Betsy Shortsleeve, that fantasy became a reality. That's when Cut Short Sleeve found out that his mother had already taken time off from her job because the trip didn't go as planned. With just her two weeks' notice, she planned the surprise of her lifetime.

“I jumped at the moment and told her I had a travel agency work meeting in Washington, D.C.,” says the 27-year-old Boston-based travel entrepreneur, who explains how she came up with the idea on “Good Morning.” He told America. Execute the plan and choose a fake destination they will be heading to and have been together many times in the past.

Little did her mother know that the flight would be long and that she would need important items, including a passport, until they arrived at Boston Logan International Airport together.

“We used to talk about how cool it would be to show up at the airport and have someone surprise you like that without them realizing you were going somewhere far away.”Kat Shortsleeve said. “But it was very difficult to contain my surprise… On the day of the trip, I woke up with a stomach ache and was very nervous.”

“I didn't ask her anything. She had the ticket on her phone. I had my driver's license, so I was OK to leave,” Betsy Shortsleeve recalled, adding that since her daughter travels often, she completely trusted her instructions and instructions during the planning process. “As we were standing in line, the TSA lady said to me, 'I need your passport'… Kathryn gave me a little laugh and handed me the passport. So I handed it to the lady. But I was still staring at her.'' I was so confused…I didn't know she was recording the whole fiasco. ”

“In the lounge, [Kat] I said, “I want to, I want to.” [record] “Your reaction when I told you where I was going,” Betsy Shortsleeve recalled of the big reveal.

Kat Shortsleeve then uploaded the revealing video to her TikTok account, where it has since gone viral with 1.8 million views.

“We're going to two countries. First we're going to Copenhagen and then we're going to Paris,” Kat Shortsleeve says in the video, as her mother puts her hands on her cheeks in complete disbelief. I'm sitting there guessing.

“No, it's not,” Betsy Shortsleeve replies. Her daughter hands her an international plug adapter and the two embrace.

Kat Shortsleeve told “GMA” that she chose these two cities because her mother “wanted to go to Copenhagen for a while.”

“She has Danish roots, but that didn't get much attention,” she said.

Additionally, she added that the two had previously traveled to Paris together and “had such a lovely time the last time we went… there, she said that she knows that she really… I thought I would do something that I enjoy and add to it.” It was something she really wanted to do, but she didn't have a plan yet to actually make it happen. ”

Betsy Shortsleeve said of the surprise: “I was beyond shocked, oh my god.” “Spending time with my daughter in those countries and just being together and looking at each other for that time is really special.”

The couple “enjoyed lots of Danish pastries, did a lot of shopping” and “went on a cycling tour” in Denmark's capital Copenhagen, as well as “enjoying wellness activities such as a spa, sauna and steam room.” Told. I also drank a lot of cappuccino, it was really delicious. ”

“I think there are so many places I really want to go and things I want to experience, but if I don't jump at the moment it's right in front of me, it will pass me by.'' Added “Cat Short Sleeve.''

Betsy Shortsleeve hailed the experience as a “once-in-a-lifetime trip,” adding, “It means so much to spend such memorable times together.”

“It's heartbreaking… We had such a special time together and there's nothing like a trip with two girls,” she added with a big smile.

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