Traveling to Paris for ports?This hotel has introduced a great new selection

Sommelier Gabriele del Carlo experienced a “truly magical moment” in port early in his career that led him down a path to a deeper appreciation and expression of fortified wines on international menus. Ta.

“As a young sommelier in Florence, Italy, I had the opportunity to sample Taylor's Vintage 1955, and it was the oldest wine I had ever tasted,” says Del, currently head sommelier at Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris. Carlo speaks.

Years later, Del Carlo handpicked a bottle of Quinta de Noval Nacional 1963 in Paris and shared it with a distinguished dinner guest, opening the delicate bottle with port tongs. “These ports evoke memorable moments of my career,” he emphasizes, indicating his inspiration for introducing an extensive and exclusive port collection at Le Bar Long at Le Royal Monceau. I did. Both Taylor's and Quinta do Noval will appear on Le Baron's new ports on his menu, in addition to his third major port house, Fonseca, with styles ranging from oxidative tan to fruity vintage.

Mr. Del Carlo described Le Royal Monceau in the 8th arrondissement as one of the few establishments in Paris that prioritizes such a selection of bespoke port wines. He believes Le Bar Ron is an unparalleled setting for drinking port wine, with its warm, rich red and brown hues and leather accents, making it a perfect setting for both wine lovers and port-curious people. We hope to drink wine as well and contribute to the resurgence of après wine. dinner cocktail.

Below, Del Carlo details the inspiration for the menu and the trends he's witnessed among new and returning guests.

Gillian Dalla: How did the idea to create a specific port list come about?

Gabriele Del Carlo: I've always loved port wine. Its complexity, smoothness and richness create a truly unique and enjoyable wine tasting experience. Upon arriving at Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris, Le Baron's warm and elegant atmosphere gave us the inspiration to create this unique Port Her menu. Le Bar Ron reminded me of my own unforgettable personal experience with port wine.

JD: Why did you decide now was the time to launch?

GDC: Our team has been working on the menu since I arrived at Le Royal Monceau Raffles Paris exactly one year ago. [2023]. As we became more familiar with the historic Palace Hotel and its unique food and drink offering, our beautiful and bespoke port selection slowly evolved. As soon as we had the opportunity to delve deeper into wine as a concept and how exactly it is realized at Le Bar Long, our team carefully developed and introduced a menu. .

JD: How did you go about narrowing down the labels you offered?

GDC: This limited edition menu is a sentimental collection created based on my cherished memories of traveling through the world of wine. I chose the house based on the bottles I cherished when I was a young sommelier. Recognized worldwide for the quality of its wines, especially his one of the world's best wines, such as Taylor's Vintage 1955 and the 50-year-old exceptional Tawny and Quinta do Noval. Vintage Porto obtained from vines that survived from the world's Nacional, phylloxera.

JD: What makes this new service most unique to this facility?

GDC: Our special selection includes a wide range of ports, from young and fruity wines to older, more complex and spicy wines, as well as the most exclusive ports available. This menu offers wine lovers a unique tasting opportunity, including the famous Quinta do Noval Nacional by the glass, across three different vintages (even half-and-half), savoring unique moments and discovering a piece of wine history. Discover the Department.

JD: Why do you think it is so important to provide this type of amenity to your guests?

GDC: The art of wine is my greatest passion and every sip of port evokes cherished memories of my career as a sommelier. We hope that this special experience will be an opportunity for all of our guests to create lasting memories. The guests who stay here are well-traveled and discerning, offering everything from wine tastings to access to fashion ateliers to private museum tours and other behind-the-scenes activities in unique surroundings. You are about to discover bespoke luxury goods at.

JD: Besides the new port offering, how has the hotel bar offering changed since opening?

GDC: To meet and exceed our customers' expectations, we have completely revamped our wine and spirits offering over the past year. We have made significant efforts and investments in expanding our wine selection, growing our list from 380 labels to 1,200. Today, more and more wine lovers come to our hotel to experience our wide selection of wines.

JD: Are you seeing a change in guest demand when it comes to wine, spirits and bar offerings?

GDC: More and more guests are interested in lesser-known varietals and exploring wines from different regions. The trend for after-dinner drinks is also on the rise as guests look to continue the social aspect of the evening and enjoy one more memorable drink with friends and family.

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