British tourist in Paris warns he can't imagine his holiday turning into a nightmare

British tourists visiting Paris have warned it is “unimaginable” that their holiday will turn into a nightmare. Brits are speaking out on Reddit and tourists are slamming European Union holidays on widely used viral forums.

This comes after a user asked which place on the continent is the “least fun” place to be as we head into spring and summer. A Reddit user asked, “Which city in Europe was the least fun? And why?”

One said: “Paris. Totally filthy. I mean unimaginably dirty even by our standards. Crime such as pickpockets and scammers is very prominent everywhere. Prices are very high and Parisians in general It was quite rude.”

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“At least when you go to the nicer areas of London for food, the areas tend to be very nice for the exorbitant prices.” A second person said: “When I was 14 years old, I was grabbed by a police officer in the chest in Paris. I stopped to ask for directions (in not very good French). I had my head covered. The costume I was wearing.

“But he obviously thought I was a Muslim immigrant, so he thought it was okay to sexually assault me. That wasn't the case. It's not okay to be assaulted,'' another said. “Paris. Dirty, people were incredibly rude (when someone actually stopped at an intersection and I said have mercy, he looked angry and said something like I was an idiot. I shrugged my shoulders. Some of the girls were singing a song about me being British.**, I wore long, flowy hippie dresses that never showed any flesh. ) and I felt unsafe.

“I was followed by two men near the Louvre. I'll never go there again. I don't understand why people say they're romantic…because those guys are into something weird. Another said, “I love the city's architecture and language, but the people are rude and dirty.''

“Waiters at coffee shops ignore you, yell at you to learn French because they can't pronounce croissant properly, don't serve you, and tell you to leave. Generally brown/black It's a real hostility.”

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