For the Paris Olympics?Get a new pass and save on travel costs

But don't worry. There are ways to save money if you plan ahead.

Paris tourists have another expense to consider. That means public transport costs almost double. But there are ways to avoid the surge of 15 million people expected to descend on the City of Lights for this summer's Olympics.There's a metropass in Paris that will save them. a lot dollar.

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get ready for the olympics

More than 300 events will be held in France at 35 venues across the country.Crowds gather for the opening ceremony along the Seine River 325,000 spectators; Millions of people will flood into the city over 16 days.

This means you can expect huge crowds at iconic tourist attractions such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. Reaching these spots is expected to be particularly difficult due to traffic congestion and crowding on subways and buses.In addition to this, subway fares are also expected to rise. This summer, it’s actually doubled.. The price of his single ticket on the metro will jump from 2.10 euros to 4 euros, but local residents will be protected from this additional change.

To help visitors save money, the city “Paris 2024” The pass costs 16 euros per day or 70 euros per week, with an initial fee of 2 euros.What you can do is a physical path Please order in advance here (Shipped internationally) Digital version will be available on the app in June. This pass allows spectators to travel to and from the airport as well as to all venues located further afield.

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Stress on infrastructure

Parisians are worried about themselves aging subway system. The city was one of the first to build a subway system in the 1900s, but the population explosion that followed meant it often failed to live up to residents' expectations. Since the coronavirus outbreak, the situation has worsened due to route reductions and employee furloughs. Last year, one in five trains on some lines was delayed, further frustrating Parisians.

therefore, The city invested in a 120-mile expansion. With four lines and 68 stations, the project is currently Europe's largest private infrastructure project. The project is delayed and will not be fully operational during the Olympics, but it will ease some of the strain on public transport.

The French Transport Ministry is optimistic about the new rail line, estimating it will increase capacity by 15%.

Another good news is that Olympic hotels and rising housing prices It may be in decline. A year ago, the cost of an overnight stay in Paris during a match was 1,023 euros. However, this month the price has been significantly reduced to 436 euros per night.

And interest rates are likely to continue falling. Paris authorities have compared the situation to the 2012 London Olympics. Hotel prices at that time initially rose high, but gradually declined due to increased occupancy and regulations in response to customer demand.

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