New England Traveler's Guide to Paris, France


What is there to say about this city that has it all? After all, it will be quite a lot in 2024.

Set off along the Seine River at dusk. / Photo credit: Prasit Rodphan/Alamy Stock Photo

Few cities in the world Instantly captivating the senses and inspiring the soul like Paris. A roll call of charming neighborhoods, including Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, Saint-Germain and the Marais, conjure images of quaint sidewalk cafes, lush gardens, stunning museums, intimate restaurants and sunny rooftops. Masu. With the Olympics starting later this summer, the cosmopolitan capital is more vibrant than ever and ready to welcome tourists. Wait, are the French…welcoming? In fact, even the Seine River will undergo a major cleanup and waterside events will be held. Whether you want to watch the Olympics or visit before the crowds start, there are plenty of new attractions, restaurants, and hotels to experience the City of Lights like never before.

Louvre Museum on a sunny day. / Photo by Bruce Beck/Alamy Stock Photo


One of the city's newest and quirkiest attractions is gainsbourg family, a Left Bank museum exhibiting the provocative works of famed French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg (for the full experience, add his historic home across the street) . To admire one of his lesser-known gems, head on over to the next location. island st louis, the smaller of two islands in the Seine. Here, the narrow streets lined with his 17th-century buildings with elaborate facades and quiet courtyards offer a glimpse into the Paris of yesteryear.I'll stop by bertillonWe've been serving delicious ice cream since 1954, so come and try it out!I prefer to actually get it. upon What about water? Try water skiing or wakeboarding on the river just outside of town. Yes, it's really fun. Nautical Ski Club.

If you need to cross some of the city's most iconic attractions off your bucket list, don't worry. Several legendary spots are reopening this year. big palace: The architectural masterpiece originally built for the 1900 Paris World's Fair once again hosts art and several Olympic competitions. Speaking of comeback, notre dame cathedralwhich tragically suffered a fire in 2019, is scheduled to reopen later this year after a painstaking renovation costing more than $900 million.

No stay in France is complete without a stroll through its legendary ruins. louverOf course, but we recommend staying at least a few hours. Musée d'Orsay To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Impressionism, we are holding a new, immersive exhibition, “Tonight with Impressionism.” Virtually put on his reality headset and let him travel back in time to 1874 to witness the movement's first exhibition featuring works by Monet, Renoir, Degas and Cézanne.

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The Marais district on the Right Bank is lined with trendy boutiques. lou des francs bourgeois. To find the best bargains, explore our network of stalls, alleyways and showrooms. Free Market, open on weekends and Mondays. Spanning nearly 20 acres, this flea market is one of the oldest in the world.

Thai crepes from Hôtel Normand's restaurant Tiou. / Photo provided by Jan Deret


With charming bistros seemingly on every corner, why not try a little bit of everything at our new gastronomic hall? Municipality of Saint-Ouen?This is no ordinary food court.? Parisians flock here to listen to live music. Sample street food, pastries, and cheese. And drink fine wine and craft beer. For a more romantic atmosphere, slip into the next booth. Christineoffers an inspiring menu centered around creative French cuisine from Chef Mehdi Benchshake.Or take it to the next level in the dark, offers a truly unique experience of dining in near complete darkness.When it's time for a nightcap, an elegant bar hemingway It's still a popular spot, just as it was a hangout for F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A luxurious room at Hotel Normand. /Photo ©MrTripper


A new town just a short walk from the Arc de Triomphe. Hotel Norman This is a boutique hotel designed by architect Thomas Widalenk. Ideal for couples and families, this intimate 37-room hotel features a spa by Omnisense and restaurant Tio, serving sumptuous Thai cuisine by legendary Parisian chef Apiradithirakomen. Fully equipped. fantasy Another new boutique hotel, it features a rooftop bar, café and 63 tastefully decorated rooms and 10 suites, many with stunning views of lively Montmartre and the city beyond. can.


Direct flights from Boston to Paris are available on several airlines, including Air France, Delta Air Lines, and JetBlue.

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