37 Best Restaurants in Paris, Chosen by Local Experts

28. Ogre

Dishes to order: Prime rib (2 servings)

A delicious eatery tucked away in the 16th arrondissement, L'Ogre is a victory for meat lovers. After foie gras and smoky bone marrow, huge cuts of perfectly pink Côtes de Boeuf, Wagyu beef or Black Angus are shared, sliced ​​at the table and served on wooden boards with fluffy, crunchy chips. You can. The whole setup is very French. Vintage wine bottles line the central zinc bar, unsteady candles drip onto red-and-white checked tablecloths, and a cigar room is tucked away in the back. If you come here for dinner, try to sit at a table next to the window. You'll get a ringside seat for Wright's hourly show at the Eiffel Tower. teddy wolstenholme

address: 1 Avenue de Versailles, 75016 Paris, France
Website: restaurantlogre.fr

29. Amarante

Dishes to order: Foie gras

Christophe Philippe's Amarante celebrates what rich, traditional French cuisine should be, with an emphasis on ingredients. He knows his audience. If you like lean meat, sparing use of butter, and well-done steaks, this is not the bistro for you, his website warns. Luckily for those of us whose eyes light up at the mention of foie gras and fresse de veaux (part of the calf's enteric lining), it's his 21-piece red leather seat in Amarante. It means you have a slightly higher chance of getting one. Not all dishes are particular about offal, but the flavors are all exquisite. You might taste tender beef cheeks and sweet, fresh peas, roast chicken and celeriac or pigeon, and boudin noir (black pudding). Follow their suggestions and find a unique bottle that matches your selection. You won't be disappointed. After lunch or dinner, you can take a stroll through the nearby Port of Arsenal.

address: 4 ru Biscornet, 75012 Paris
Website: Amarante Paris

30. Robert and Louise

Dishes to order: leg of lamb

It would be easy to walk straight past Robert et Louise's unassuming entrance on Rue Vieille du Temple in the Marais if it weren't for the smell of wood-grilled meat wafting through the red gingham curtains. The restaurant has been here for more than 60 years, and although its namesakes, Robert and Louise, have moved on, her daughter Pascal and her husband still run it. Inside, copper pots hang on precarious shelves above a huge central stone fireplace, and mismatched wooden tables are shared during busy times. This restaurant may be featured in every travel guide, but it serves up the best of French cuisine, understated and rustic. Start with a plate of garlicky snails, followed by beef ribs, entrecote, leg of lamb or veal grilled over a smoldering wood fire and seasoned with salt. The portions are plentiful and the prices are reasonable for the Marais area. teddy wolstenholme

address: 64 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris
Website: roberttetruise.com

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