7 cheapest airlines to fly to the 2024 Paris Olympics


  • You can attend the Paris Olympics for less than $1,000 round-trip from major U.S. cities.
  • Enjoy quick connections in major European cities such as London, Frankfurt and Zurich.
  • Book now for the best deals on flights from airlines like United, WestJet, and Icelandair.

If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, you might want to visit the Paris Olympics. These epic matches will begin on his July 26th and will be held over 19 days and promise to bring out some of the best sporting talent, competition and skill on the planet.

Plus, Paris is a world-class city with plenty of great nightlife and plenty of opportunities to shop to your heart's content, so there's plenty to do in between attending some of the year's most anticipated sporting events. These airline routes can get you there for less than $1,000 round trip.

All ticket prices are accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change.


This airline offers cross-country flights within the U.S. starting at $30 each way

Airline tickets are one of the most expensive parts of traveling, but one airline is trying to change that by offering cross-border travel for just $30.

7 United Airlines and Lufthansa

Flights from Chicago O'Hare to Paris Charles de Gaulle for just $942

Choose this round-trip ticket to fly directly from Chicago to Paris and back with transportation via Frankfurt Airport for less than $1,000.

Direct flights are a great way to avoid airport hassles and reduce the chance of your luggage getting lost. Plus, you can spend several days in Chicago enjoying great spots like the beautiful Botanical Gardens.

Know before you go:

Return layover in Frankfurt is only 1.5 hours, which may be difficult for some travelers

Total trip duration (to Paris):

8 hours 10 minutes

Total travel length (round trip):

12 hours

6 United Airlines and Swissair

Get from Chicago O'Hare to Charles de Gaulle in time for the Olympics for $926

Earn some extra cash in Paris by flying from Chicago O'Hare with this great aviation option. At just $926 round trip, it's an economical option with a direct flight to Paris and a short stop in Zurich on the way back. What's more, we arrive bright and early in the morning at 9:20, so you can enjoy your first day to the fullest.

Know before you go:

This is a red-eye flight and is a great way to minimize your flight time by getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep on board.

Total trip duration (to Paris):

8 hours 10 minutes

Total travel length (round trip):

13 hours 10 minutes

Zurich Airport has a number of lounges where you can relax during your connection, enjoy comfortable seats, and take advantage of high-speed Wi-Fi.

Five North Atlantic UK and EasyJet

Travel from JFK (New York City) to Paris for just $769 round trip

New York City is one of the best bases for traveling. You can fly from New York to Paris for less than $1,000 by flying through London's Gatwick Airport on your way there and back.

Know before you go:

Enjoy a comfortable trip with a Gatwick lounge

Total trip duration (to Paris):

13 hours 45 minutes (including transfer)

Total travel length (round trip):

18 hours 50 minutes (including transfer)

Four north atlantic airways

Direct flights from Los Angeles to Paris for just $721

Los Angeles is a great hub on the West Coast, and you can get to the Paris Olympics for about $700 round trip. The best part about this aviation option is that you can fly directly from the West Coast to the Paris Olympic venue.

Know before you go: This cheap fare requires you to pay for carry-on baggage
Total trip duration (to Paris): 10 hours 50 minutes
Total travel length (round trip): 11 hours 50 minutes


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3 Delta Air Lines, Air France, Virgin Atlantic

Just $683 round trip from JFK to Paris

Fly to Paris in style from New York City's JFK Airport on this easy journey with three major airlines: Delta, Air France, and Virgin Atlantic. There's a direct flight to the Olympic venue and a short layover at London's Heathrow Airport on the way back, but short enough to give you a chance to grab a coffee and stretch your legs before heading on to your next flight.

Know before you go:

Enjoy stress-free booking with the partnership between Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic Airways

Total trip duration (to Paris):

7 hours 20 minutes

Total travel length (round trip):

11 hours

2 WestJet and North Atlantic Airways

Get round-trip tickets to the Olympics from Los Angeles to Paris for less than $658 round-trip.

If you're in Los Angeles and looking for an absolutely convenient way to get to Paris for the Olympics, hop on this flight as soon as possible. For just $700, you can fly non-stop to Paris with a layover in Calgary.

Know before you go:

This flight is cheaper than average, so book now

Total trip duration (to Paris):

20 hours 30 minutes (including transfer)

Total travel length (round trip):

11 hours 50 minutes

Calgary International Airport is a great place to connect. As well as traditional airport lounges, there are plenty of spaces for relaxation and yoga.

1 Icelandair, Air France, Nordic Atlantic Airways

$609 is a steal to get from JFK to Charles de Gaulle for the Olympics.

If you want to fly from New York City to Paris for the Olympics, hop on this flight from JFK for nearly $600. With a short stopover in Reykjavik on the way out and a long stopover in Berlin on the way back, this journey is the ideal and easy way to head to France to watch this year's exciting matches.

Know before you go:

Berlin Brandenburg Airport has plenty of places to charge your phone, take a shower, or take a quick nap.

Total trip duration (to Paris):

11 hours 10 minutes

Total travel length (round trip):

21 hours

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