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This year's winner left no residue behind.

Exciting news from the heart of Paris! After a thrilling showdown between the city's top bakeries, Utopi emerged as the champion, winning the prestigious title of Grand Prix Traditional Baguette of the City of Paris. Now in its 31st year, this popular competition celebrates the artistry and dedication behind the quintessential French baguette.

Utopie's talented baker, Xavier Netry, won the discerning palate of a panel of expert judges in a blind taste test across five key categories: appearance, preparation, texture, aroma, and flavor. His work attracted attention.

Competing precision-crafted baguettes must meet exacting standards, from size to weight to salinity. Netri's victory not only earned him a well-deserved applause, but also a hefty prize of 4,000 euros and the rare opportunity to provide French President Emmanuel Macron with baguettes for a year.

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Netley, who has been working as a baker for 25 years, said the secret to his successful breads is a good sourdough starter, careful preparation, and love and passion.

The contest emphasizes the importance of the Baguette de Tradition, introduced in 1993 to preserve craftsmanship in the face of increasing industrialization.

Affectionately known as the “Bread Decree,” this decree upholds the tradition of handmade baguettes made with simple, high-quality ingredients such as flour, water, salt, and yeast, and sold only where they are baked. .

The Grand Prix de la Baguette Tradition Fran├žaise de Paris is more than just a contest, it is a celebration of tradition and dedication, honoring bakers who uphold the timeless art of creating the perfect bread.

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