Pigalle Area Guide: Paris' Coolest District

Everyone knows it: Parisian chic. But hip? That's a trickier sell. If you're looking for the coolest spot in the French capital for a fun city stay, Pigalle should be on your radar. Over the past decade, Pigalle has shed its seedy image of girly bars, sex shops, and Moulin Rouge tourists (though all three are still very much at home here) and is now home to up-and-coming artists and trends. As a base for cuisine that is sensitive to food, it is crowded day and night. Spend the best night on the town after dark. Check out the best art, hotels, restaurants and bars in Pigalle, Paris and join his BoBo in Paris.

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Pigalle Area Guide: Paris


Le Pigalle

As I wake up with the faintest hint of a hangover in my feather-soft bed in a Parisian apartment-style room at Le Pigalle, I open the floor-length windows and immediately feel like I'm missing out. You can feel at ease. This is not enough, as joggers are out and a father with a baby in his arms and a young family are just finishing breakfast and getting ready to start her day. But at least you were relieved that you weren't part of the motley crew across the street seeking admission to the last bar standing for one last drink.

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Le Pigalle, whose past guests have included Pablo Picasso and Andrew Breton, is now a creative hub for art and coffee, nestled neatly in one of Pigalle's busiest streets, with a winking… Then there's an understated elegance that you'll miss. That means you'll feel like you're part of the city's biggest secrets during your stay. The hotel features his 40 rooms, all decorated in the local Nouvelle Athenian style and designed to feel more like a friend's (very chic) ​​bedroom than a run-of-the-mill hotel room. .

When I finally got out of the room, I had a late petit déjeunet (the best in the city, served until 4pm) with avocado, cream cheese, and orange on sourdough, smoked salmon, and Comté cheese. Enjoy the best people watching. The aforementioned club is open until lunchtime on weekends, and the entertainment value of the scenes that unfold exceeds anything you'll find on Netflix. Lepigar Paris

Le Pigalle

Le Pigalle

Best hotels in Paris

soho house paris

The 36 bedrooms at Soho House Paris are open to Soho House members and Soho Friends in a 19th-century apartment building in the heart of Pigalle that was once home to Jean Cocteau's family. Spread over five floors, his home, with interiors by Soho House Design, boasts his collection of over 150 pieces of art, consisting entirely of paintings, curated by head of collection Kate Bryan. In addition to the rooms on the top three floors (ranging in size from “small room” to “large boudoir”), the club space includes several dining and drinking areas set around the winter garden, as well as It includes a basement cabaret room and Soho Health. A club that pursues health. For membership information: sohohouse.com | Soho House Paris, 45-47 Rue La Bruyere 75009 Paris, sohohouse.com

soho house paris

soho house paris

Drink: Pigalle's Best Bar

All the action takes place on one street, and that's exactly the street where Le Pigalle is located. (And if you can't beat them, join them.) For evening drinks, grab a glass of wine from the excellent selection available at the hotel, then switch to cocktails. The streets mingle on Frochaux Street.

dirty dick

Internationally famous and better known for its unusual nickname (which has remained the same since the former Mafia-run Girly Bar opened in the 30s), Dirty Dick is located in the heart of the city. An unlikely tiki paradise. We have the best mixologists there. In Paris. Using six types of homemade juices and more than a dozen types of homemade syrups, the ingredients spend hours preparing, which is reflected in the flavor. Don't be intimidated by the menu. Say the name of your favorite drink and let the staff (who serve Tiki Punch with a playful rock attitude) introduce you to your perfect drink. This is a place where locals and tourists alike come to escape Paris for a night and seek a more tropical climate. facebook.com/dirtydickparis

Lulu White Drink Club

With a chic, understated entrance that pays homage to one of Prohibition-era mothers, this classy establishment offers plenty of seating and plenty of light (a Pigalle perk) so you can see the people you're drinking with. They offer great cocktails. lulu white bar


Open until 5 a.m. and offering a wide range of drinks, a cozy atmosphere, and old-school music, this red velvet-decorated bar becomes even more popular late at night, with a crowd of high-stakes gamblers. From there, revelers begin to mix in. On the sidewalk outside. facebook.com/lipstickbar/

Eat: Best restaurants in Pigalle

green light

If Mexican food is your thing, Pigalle has options for you. But the obvious one is Luz Verde, and it's worth the wait just for a bowl of guacamole. Add a few tacos and a refreshing platter of ceviche to the mix and you've got one of his best meals in the city. Snap a mezcal shot with the bar staff before you leave. That's the Pigalle way. luzverde.fr


If you're looking for a classic French bistro, head to Le Pantruche to sample regional cuisine at affordable prices. Oyster tartare and creamy lettuce soup are definitely a favorite in our house. The elegant, old-fashioned interior is a welcome reprieve from the trendy modernism found in many locations in the area. restaurant-lepantruche.com

pink mama

If Italian food is your thing, book in advance or be prepared to snag a table at Big Mama in Pigalle. You know you're in the right place by the gorgeous salmon pink tiles that decorate the outside of the restaurant. As you enter, you'll find a chic four-story dining space topped by a bright and airy rooftop serving of plants. Here are some of the best pizzas and pastas in Pigalle. Choose burrata to start (always), followed by octopus or crust seafood pizza if you have enough space. If you need a nightcap, head for another excellent cocktail spot in the basement (don't be put off by the “No Trespassing” sign that prevents pranks). bigmammagroup.com

Best Restaurants & Bars in Paris

Art: Best Museums in Pigalle

Gustave Moreau Museum

Gustave Moreau Museum.Photo: Rebecca Cox

If you think Pigalle is too luxurious, it offers some essential culture to keep your weekend balanced. Paris's hilltop village is home to Picasso, Van Gogh and Matisse, and neighboring Montmartre may have an advantage when it comes to art history, but tourist crowds have now made the area less popular. The creative appeal is somewhat diminished. Instead, the city's BoBo (bourgeois bohemians) people migrated south to Pigalle. For art lovers, there's something for everyone, from the classic splendor of the small but beautiful Musée Gustave Moreau to the contemporary pop-up featuring the city's artists du He Jules held at Le He Pigalle are available. The hotel is currently hosting the 'Can't Be Deleted' exhibition in partnership with London's Woodbury House, with works by Yves de Haan and Tom Webb illuminating the hotel's common areas.

But to get to know the artists, sit down to breakfast with your waiter, hotel staff, bartender, or even the table next to yours who may be working through the night to fund daytime activities in the area's art communes. Talk to people who are. , where wages are spent on easels, brushes, and supplies, and invitation-only exhibitions display his latest works. It is here, not in the artisan bakeries or Bouget cocktail bars, that you discover the true heart of Pigalle.

Le Pigalle

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