British tourist in Paris faces 'harassment' – 'worst' visitor ever experienced

British tourists visiting Paris have been warned that they may be “harassed” by visitors, who have described them as “the worst conditions I have ever seen”. A warning has been issued to holidaymakers in the UK after a Reddit post discussing the worst countries and cities to visit on holiday has gone viral.

“Paris is full of people who harass and scam tourists. Far worse than anywhere else I've traveled,” one Reddit user wrote. Another said: “The worst incident in Paris was when I was trying to buy a subway ticket from an underground machine.

“One guy was insistent that I buy the ticket from him and not from the machine. There was no one else around at that point and he was very aggressive. It was just me and my daughter. I… When he put the card into the machine, he was quite aggressive.''He wasn't trying to fool us, so he backed away. I can see why someone would fall for it or get scared and give in. ”

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Another resident said: “Paris is a really bad place for scammers. The most I've seen are young Arabians asking for donations to deaf and blind organizations. It's a big tourist destination. There are usually three or four scammers.” Another person wrote: “It's really sad that so many countries are in this situation. As someone who loves to travel, it's really disappointing.”

“Sometimes I wish I could go back 30 or 40 years and do all my travels and visit places before the internet. Older Italian immigrants I know The situation has gotten so bad that many people are reluctant to return home to visit their beautiful country.” ”

Another said: “I was surprised by the Latin Quarter in Paris. There are so many shawarma shops and other street vendors constantly harassing tourists. I have never experienced that in other parts of France. ” he commented. Another said: “Such heckling or whatever it is called is quite common in Egypt, Rome, Spain, Thailand and around the Taj Mahal in India.”

“(My personal story and what I've heard from close friends also includes Paris, but I had a better experience there, so there's no question about it)”

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