Les Bains Hotel, Paris, France

Service is fashionably casual and lively, from the concierge stationed firmly behind the bathhouse's original peeling front desk to the handsome young porter in jeans and Stan Smiths. Guests have exclusive access to the Salon de Her Chinois, an elegant bamboo-paneled lounge with Chinoiserie stained glass, fireplace, newspaper, and honesty bar. The open-plan restaurant also doubles as a networking lounge and co-working space for laptop-toting fashionistas and local designers.

The biggest draw is undoubtedly the all-black underground nightclub (open from midnight to 4:30 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays) with a swimming pool. Of course, skinny swimming is also allowed (the only rule in the pool is no actual glasses in the water). Live bands, cabaret and DJ sets fill the club. Admission is free, but table reservations via email are recommended. Doormen have a selective admission policy. During the day, hotel guests have access to the pool and the adjacent Hamman. Look out for yoga sessions paired with DJ tunes.

The hotel's concept store features Les Bains branded products created in collaboration with world-class designers, including perfumes, scented candles, bathrobes, loafers, skateboards, rings with Bacchus sculptures, and exclusive nightclub photography from 1983 to 2003. (including the wonderful photos of the debauchery of Les Bains Douches taken by Phuoc Canh). Contemporary art pieces scattered throughout the hotel are also for sale.

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