Paris travel camera battle

While the title of this article makes it sound like the most niche movie, and one that I would happily watch, it is actually about a photographer who brought along the best travel camera money can buy on a trip. The premise is to compare those movies to each other.

In this video, photographer and YouTuber Benj Haisch takes four great travel cameras on a trip to Paris and compares them. Cameras are Fujifilm X110VI, Leica M11, Hasselblad 907X, and Sony α7CR.

These cameras are typically connected in a small form factor, making them easier to carry. But other than that, there are few similarities. Perhaps the biggest difference is the price. Considering the Fujifilm costs $1,500 and the Leica M11 costs $9,000. But they each try to occupy a slightly different space in the world of photography, and that's what makes this video so interesting.

I haven't had a chance to shoot with any of these cameras, but I have shot with similar bodies and products from the same brand, with the exception of the Hasselblad 907X, which has recently been a bit of a dream camera for me. I ran into the Hasselblad bug with an old medium format body that I bought as a stopgap, so that little box is at the top of my wish list.

Which one do you think is best?

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