Paris was the world's top tourist destination even before the Olympics began.

In preparation for this year's Paris Olympics, new research Travel analyst Radical Storage has revealed tourism statistics for France and Paris.

  • Paris is the most visited city in the world, with 44 million tourists expected to visit in 2022.
  • The most popular destination type for travelers to France is cities, with 29.3% of tourists choosing cities as their travel destination.
  • Disneyland Paris is France's most visited attraction, with 14.8 million visitors a year.
  • The Eiffel Tower is the most-watched Paris tourist attraction on social media with 24.8% of shares.
  • Since 2010, France has welcomed an average of 77.8 million international tourists each year, reaching 79.4 million in 2022.

Paris, the capital of France, is also the most visited city in the world, with 44 million tourists expected to visit Paris and the Ile-de-France region in 2022. Paris has a wide selection of cultural and tourist attractions, including street art and historic buildings. Monuments and events that tourists can enjoy.

Where do tourists come from to visit Paris?

The countries with the most visitors to Paris are:

・Belgium (11%)

・UK (10%)

・USA (9%)


・Netherlands (8%)

・Germany (8%)

Accommodations used by tourists in Paris

The majority of travelers to Paris (53%) stay in a hotel when visiting Paris for an overnight trip. 34% stay in off-market accommodations, including his Airbnb and other rentals, and the remaining 13% stay in other market accommodations, such as apartments and hostels.

average cost in paris

On average, one person spends €101 per day staying in Paris. The table below shows the average cost of food, drink and transportation in Paris.

Did you know that Paris was ranked the #1 street food destination in 2022? It was also ranked as the world's best city for hidden bars in 2023.

Average expenses in Paris

Meal for 2, mid-range restaurant, 3 courses – 60.00 €

Meal, cheap restaurant – 15.00 €

McDonald's McMeal (or equivalent combo meal) – 10.00 €

Domestic beer (1 pint of draft beer) – 6.00€

One-way ticket (local transport) – 1.80 €

Taxi starting fare (regular rate) + 1 mile – 2.80 €

Cappuccino (regular) – 3.04 €

Most popular tourist attractions in Paris mentioned online

Paris has several popular tourist attractions that are visited by many tourists every year. The analysis below shows the popularity of tourist attractions in France, based on mentions of each attraction in Twitter and Instagram posts.

The most popular tourist attraction in Paris was the Eiffel Tower, which accounted for 24.8% of mentions on social media, followed by the Louvre Museum, with 11% of overall mentions of all tourist attractions in Paris.

Share mentions of Paris tourist attractions on Twitter and Instagram

1. Eiffel Tower – 24.8%

2. Louvre Museum – 11%

3. Disneyland Paris – 9.4%

4. Montmartre – 6%

5. Seine – 5.3%

6. Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral – 4%

7. Arc de Triomphe – 3.6%

8. Paris Fashion Week – 3.5%

9. Basilica of the Sacred Heart – 3%

10. Champs Elysées – 2.7%

11. Palace of Versailles – 2.6%

12. Moulin Rouge – 1.5%

Most popular tourist attractions in France

France has a wide variety of cultural and recreational facilities visited by millions of tourists each year. The most visited place in France so far is Disneyland Paris, with 14.8 million visitors a year. This is followed by the Louvre with 8 million visitors and the Palace of Versailles with 7.7 million. The Eiffel Tower attracts 6.2 million visitors annually.

Nine of the top tourist attractions are based in Paris, and with so much culture, heritage and things to do in Paris, it's no wonder this tourist-favorite city will host the Olympic Games in 2024 .

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