5 must-visit spots in the French capital, like Bhumi Pednekar and Samiksha Pednekar's Paris vacation

The Pednekar sisters embrace their wanderlust once again and set out on a new journey. After a fun royal retreat in Rajasthan, Bhumi Pednekar and Samiksha Pednekar jetted off to Paris. Samiksha was kind enough to share a glimpse of her enviable trip on Instagram. The series of pictures begins with Samiksha posing with the beautiful Seine River in the background. Next, they visit her iconic 1870-era Smith & Son bookshop in Paris (formerly known as WH Smith). The series also includes a close-up of Samiksha enjoying what appears to be an iced coffee, followed by a mirror selfie featuring the twins Bhumi and Samiksha. Inside the boutique, she wore a chic all-black outfit. Samiksha captioned the post, “We will always have Paris.”

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Before you plan your trip to Paris, see all the must-sees in the French capital.

eiffel tower

Sightseeing in Paris cannot be complete without visiting the iconic Eiffel Tower. This popular tourist spot offers breathtaking views of the entire city from the air. In addition to soaking up the views, be sure to sample French cuisine at the fine-dining restaurant located on the ground floor of the tower.

palace of versailles

A visual feast awaits at the Palace of Versailles, famous for its elaborate 17th-century Baroque architecture. This luxurious mansion features grand courtyards, ornate carved fountains, intricate marble designs, and expansive gardens that are a testament to its royal heritage.

the river

Whether you're exploring Paris with the family or on a romantic getaway, a Seine River cruise is a must-do experience. The River Seine flows through the city center and offers stunning views of iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre.

notre dame cathedral

A masterpiece of medieval Catholic architecture, Notre-Dame Cathedral boasts a typical French Gothic style. Step inside and you'll be greeted by two majestic towers soaring into the sky. Intricate carvings adorn the doorways, and magnificent clerestory windows flood the space with light and highlight the vaulted ceilings.

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Palais Royal

Once a French royal palace, the Palais Royal is a testament to its architectural grandeur and historical importance. Beyond its storied history, the palace's extensive gardens and distinctive polka dot design on its southern part inspire awe in visitors.

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