Opposition parties fiercely oppose Brisbane City Council's Paris-Seine River Travel Bill 2024

“Two representatives, including the Queensland Governor, will participate in the Official Olympic Family Program.”

These final expenditures will not be revealed until the Queensland Government's annual report for the current financial year is released.

A spokesperson for Mr Schrinner said the City of Brisbane would be represented in Paris “as well as the State Government, the City of Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast City Council”.

“Brisbane is not only a major host city, but will host many venues during the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, so we are working with other It is important to learn from the host city,” she said.

Mr Cassidy said Labor would accept “some travel” to the Paris conference, but not at that price.

“This is ridiculous. Especially this week, when we have just finished a council debate at 10.30pm on Tuesday night. Concrete supply for essential council services will be cut by 20 per cent over the next two years.” Stated. .

“That means fewer sidewalks to be maintained, fewer drainage projects, fewer curves and ditches.

“Contractors are being laid off, staff leaving the organization is not being replaced due to attrition, and the cost of overseas travel is soaring.

“I think the priorities on this are really wrong at this point.”

Last month, Sunshine Coast Mayor Rosanna Natoli was at pains to point out that she would be paying for her trip to Paris out of her own pocket.

But on Wednesday, Sunshine Coast Council announced it would pay $7,500 for Natoli's accommodation in Paris.

“Are you disappointed that your accommodation costs were not covered as originally planned? Yes, of course,'' Natori said.

A Gold Coast City Council spokesperson said it would send four representatives to Paris, including Mayor Tom Tate.

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