Air Canada brings you musically to Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris with our music travel guide

the feel like home Air Canada celebrates Quebec's culture with the launch of three music guides created in collaboration with prominent Quebec artists. Charlotte Cardin, Aleksandra Streliski and Salameh each introduce us to their beloved European cities with carefully selected music playlists designed with their favorite places in mind.

Charlotte Cardin invites us into an intimate space that feels like a second home. ParisSalamy lets us accompany her on her breathtaking adventures. Barcelona And Aleksandra Streliski gives us a taste of Amsterdam's eclectic atmosphere. These music travel guides are available starting today on Air Canada's EnRoute website and on Spotify, providing a timely source of inspiration for travelers planning summer trips to the Old Continent.

“Music is a powerful means of exploration. We listen to music on the way to a destination, but like taste and sensation, it also has the power to evoke memories and transport us back to specific moments during our travels.” ” explains Martine Bouleris, director of brand marketing for Air Canada Quebec and Aeroplan. “This is the insight that underlies the idea of ​​collaborating with Quebec artists to inspire and guide those who are discovering or rediscovering. Europe This summer. These artists not only share their favorite places and personal anecdotes with us, but also take us on a journey with a selection of highly inspirational music. ”

These three accomplished and highly successful artists had the opportunity to immerse themselves and discover the many hidden treasures of Europe's great cities. Their travel guides reflect their unique, personal experiences and are packed with great recommendations for must-see places, all brought to you by Air Canada. Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam It's one of 20 European destinations you can fly directly from Montreal with Air Canada.

charlotte cardin present Paris

Whether you're looking for the perfect cafe to sip on a luscious flat white or the perfect place to enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch for two or the whole family, the Montreal singer has… It will take you there as if you were attending her personal event. Exploring the City of Lights. “I always take my friends and family to Hôtel Amour, because for me it's the perfect place to have a lovely brunch, somehow private and lively, on the terrace surrounded by plants.” Charlotte Cardin says, and I'd like to introduce a ballad that comes close to that. into her heart.

alexandra streliski present Amsterdam

“I really can't go. Netherlands Without thinking about cycling. If there's one thing I recommend, it's riding a bike! […] I chose a Dutch artist that I recently discovered and really like. There is a very relaxing aspect to her activities that makes her feel like going for a drive and letting her thoughts fly free. ”, confesses Alexandra Streliski. Amsterdam!

salami gift Barcelona

Sarahmee's playlist shows the richness and wonder of music. Barcelona. She takes us to the narrow streets of Poblenou, an emblematic neighborhood covered in amazing frescoes. “When you discover street art, you really understand a city.” […] Looking at art really enriches your soul. And this song has the same effect,” Salameh declares regarding another artist’s song.

Find the complete music travel guide on air Canada's Visit the enRoute website or listen to the playlist on Spotify.

Charlotte Cardin:
Paris musical travel guide charlotte cardin
Paris by charlotte cardin on Spotify

Alexandra Strelisky:
Amsterdam Musical Travel Guide by Alexandra Stréliski
Amsterdam by Alexandra Strelisky on Spotify

Barcelona Musical Travel Guide by Sarahmee
Barcelona by Salamy on Spotify

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