New study reveals top 7 busiest tourist destinations in 2024

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With more people choosing to travel this year than ever before, it's inevitable that you'll run into other travelers.

But if you don't want to join the crowd, where should you make a big turn?

Crowded street in Paris in summercrowded street in paris in summer

A new study looked at the number of tourists and population per square kilometer in each city around the world.

They found that eight of the world's busiest tourist destinations in 2024 will be in Europe. And the remaining two are in North America.

The top 7 are:

7. Budapest

Széchenyi thermal baths in Budapest, HungarySzéchenyi thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary

At the very back is beautiful Budapest. While it may be an attractive city to explore during the off-season, it can become unbearably crowded during the height of summer.

Visit Budapest to enjoy its art galleries and museums, amazing spas, and quirky architecture. If you're a history buff, this is a city you'll want to visit.

What's unique about Budapest is that you can enjoy the city in any weather. Therefore, if you want to avoid the crowds, we recommend visiting during the off-season.

6. Amsterdam

Beautiful views of Amsterdam city center and canals Beautiful views of Amsterdam city center and canals

Amsterdam is packed. That's the message from the city's local authority, which is introducing new plans to limit overtourism and reduce congestion levels in the city.

And the new numbers show they're right. Amsterdam is her sixth busiest tourist destination in the world.

People come to Amsterdam for its vibrant culture, rich history, and beautiful canals. However, be aware that Amsterdam's narrow streets can quickly feel overwhelmingly crowded.

There is plenty for tourists to see and do here, from exploring the city by boat or bike to relaxing in museums and cafes. If you don't mind the crowds.

5. Stockholm

A lively cafe on the sidewalk in picturesque and historic Gamla Stan, Stockholm's oldest districtA lively cafe on the sidewalk in picturesque and historic Gamla Stan, Stockholm's oldest district

Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia, but nevertheless, it is still the most crowded.

People come to Stockholm, a floating city, for its stunning architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and laid-back city life.

Stockholm is a popular cruise destination, so if you want to see this wonderful city without the crowds, we recommend booking your trip to coincide with the arrival of a cruise ship.

Otherwise, getting around this exciting city will be truly unbearable.

4. New York

Young people enjoying drinks on a rooftop terrace in New York CityYoung people enjoying drinks on a rooftop terrace in New York City

Only two of the world's most crowded cities are outside Europe, and both are in North America.

New York is one of the most densely populated cities in the United States, but despite this, the number of locals in the city still exceeds the number of tourists.

Visit New York to see iconic attractions like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. Great theatre, food and architecture.

However, if you're looking for a place to relax and unwind alone, don't visit.

3. Chicago

Aerial view of Navy Pier in Chicago, IllinoisAerial view of Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois

3 and at the same timerd Chicago is currently the world's busiest city, but it's also the US' busiest tourist destination

Chicago is considered a cultural powerhouse and is a very popular destination for US travelers, so it's easy to see why the crowds here are so high all year round.

Iconic attractions, innovative dining experiences, and great theater are just a few of the reasons so many people love visiting Chicago. However, the crowds these attractions draw can sometimes be overwhelming.

2. Bern

bern swiss clock towerbern swiss clock tower

Bern may not be a place you would naturally think of as an overcrowded city or an attractive tourist attraction.

However, the Swiss capital is quite small compared to other European capitals, so it can feel crowded during the peak tourist season.

Bern boasts an impressive visitor to population ratio of 3279%, making it the highest on the list.

Nevertheless, tourists visit Bern for its relaxed atmosphere and rich charm, covered arcades and medieval streets.

1. Paris

summer parissummer paris

Officially, Paris will be the most overcrowded city in the world in 2024.

The city has 351,429 visitors per square kilometer. Moreover, the ratio of tourists to the city's population is 1708%.

If you don't like crowds, Paris is not the right destination for you.

This is especially true this summer, when the number of tourists visiting Paris increases sharply due to the 2024 Olympic Games.

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful vacation, Paris is not the place for you.

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