British tourists urged to 'avoid' Paris and Amsterdam or lose £68

The top 12 cheapest holiday destinations in Europe have been revealed. These include Paris, Madrid and Berlin. However, the research shows that at the top of the list is Warsaw, where hotel prices are just £38 per person per night.

12 Best City Break Shows on Quotezone First place was Warsaw, Poland, second place was Zagreb, Croatia, and third place was Istanbul, Turkey. Lisbon, Portugal, is in fourth place, ahead of Madrid, Spain, and Athens, Greece, which are fifth and sixth respectively.

The rest of the top 10 includes Vienna, Austria, Berlin, Germany, Rome, Italy, and London, United Kingdom, while the remaining second places include Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Paris, France. We also found that the lowest hotel prices in Warsaw start at €45.60 (about £39.20) per night, and his day pass on public transport costs just €1.02 (about £0.88).

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You can enjoy a meal in Warsaw for just €9.30 (about £8), and dinner with a beer will only cost you €3.72 (about £3.20). This compares to London, where the average pint costs £5.90 amid the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Zagreb, Croatia ranks as the second most affordable city holiday, with beer being the cheapest (3.00 euros for 0.5 liters) and tourists paying just 1 euro per day. The city named as the worst place in Europe for a budget holiday this summer is Paris, France, which has some of the highest hotel prices (€117.25 per night).

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, imposes Europe's highest tourist tax on visitors, with hotel prices the most expensive at more than €120 a night, far more than Warsaw's £38 (€44), and far more expensive than Paris or Paris. 80 euros cheaper than France. Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of Quotezone, said: His recent Quotezone research found that 35% of people end up spending more than they intended on vacation.

“Our team researched the 12 most visited cities in Europe and ranked key prices such as distance from city center to airport, tourist tax, food, beer and public transport tickets. It's very important for travelers to check all the costs of their vacation before they leave, as there can be unexpectedly large taxes, such as tourist taxes.

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