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If you ask the 10 people closest to you about the cities they dream of visiting someday, you'll probably hear Paris mentioned at least once. One of the most historically and culturally important cities in the Western world, and the world at large, Paris is home to some of the best pastries, cheeses, cafes, museums, fashion houses on the planet, and of course… There is also the Eiffel Tower.

There are many reasons to visit Paris, but there's only one thing that keeps most people away: the high prices.

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The good news is that from North America to Africa to Europe, there are cities that can give you the Paris experience for a fraction of the cost. GOBankingRates spoke to travel experts who talked about their favorite vacation spots that mimic Paris without parroting the prices.


Our first Parisian destination is a Canadian city within driving distance of much of the Northeast and Upper Midwest. In fact, the city was founded by the French and French is still the official language.

“Paris and Montreal have a lot of similarities,” said Alexandra Dubakova, travel expert and chief marketing officer of freetour, a low-cost travel and walking tour site. “Both were founded by Europeans and, like Paris, Montreal retains a strong European feel in terms of culture, history and architecture. Both have very rich artistic heritages, with galleries and museums to visit. there is.

“Montreal's neighborhoods are walkable and very pedestrian-friendly, with interesting areas to explore on foot. Enjoy vibrant cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients and plenty of outdoor dining options. Visit Montreal A week-long trip for two people costs about $2,923, while the same trip to France costs about $3,484.

Budget Your Trip corroborates these numbers almost exactly, including only local transportation, not airfare, and the base budget for a one-week trip to Paris for two people is $3,484.

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The second option requires a transatlantic flight, but saves money in a city that shares a lot of cultural similarities with Paris.

“Amsterdam, famous for its internationally recognized art galleries, offers the same travel experience as Paris,” Dubakova said. He previously worked in the solo traveler safety and travel insurance sector, working in Indonesia, Montreal, Albania, Paris, Amsterdam and Greece. “It's active, safe, has a strong artistic presence, and offers a similar nightlife, including museums and a pedestrian-friendly city. It also has Amsterdam's canals, offering a similar experience to Paris's views of the Seine. , it adds a romantic atmosphere.”

She estimated the cost of the two-week trip to be approximately $2,168.

Morocco — Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, specifically

Munir Salek is the founder and CEO of IGoMorocco, a travel agency that has served thousands of customers since 2010. He has over 20 years of experience as a professional travel advisor. In the country where he specializes, he has three Parisian and underrated cities where two weeks cost less than his one week in the French capital.


Thanks to its fame on the big screen, Morocco's largest city has become well known around the world.

“Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco, is a blend of modernity and tradition,” Salek said. “The iconic Hassan II Mosque and Art Deco architecture remind us of Paris, but everything is much cheaper.'' has become a great budget-friendly alternative.”

Create a travel budget. A two-week trip for two to Casablanca costs $1,988, about $1,500 less than Paris with twice as many days.


Morocco has another charming urban center, although it's not as well known as Casablanca.

“Fez is an ancient city full of history and offers a rich cultural experience similar to Paris,” said Salek. “The medina of Fes el Bali, with its maze of streets and stunning buildings, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Living and transport costs are much lower here, so you can explore history without spending too much. You can enjoy its charm.”

Couples can spend two weeks in Fes for just $1,485.


And to the south of Casablanca lies a vibrant and colorful inland city.

“Known for its colorful markets and historic palaces, Marrakech captures the charm of Paris with its vibrant culture and beautiful architecture,” Salek said. “The city's gardens and lively medina offer a unique experience. Despite its luxurious feel, Marrakech is affordable, offering an exotic and rich getaway at a fraction of the cost of Paris.'' To do.”

Here, a two-week trip for two people costs just $1,914.

Barcelona and Seville in Spain

Lucia Pola, a travel expert specializing in southern Spain and founder of the travel blog Viva La Vita, has first-hand experience of the French capital and two gems of her hometown that foster a similar atmosphere.

“I've been dreaming of Paris for years, and I've finally visited the City of Lights,” she says. “Wandering around the romantic streets enchanted me, but I was also worried about the high cost. I now live in southern Spain and have discovered Barcelona and Seville. I can explore Paris without emptying my wallet. You can enjoy it to the fullest.”


Pola said Barcelona's “artistic vibe” reminded her more of Paris than anything else the two cities have in common.

“Looking up at Gaudi's majestic Sagrada Familia, with its towering spiers and intricate carvings, I felt like I was outside Notre Dame Cathedral,” she said. “A stroll through the cobbled streets of El Born, filled with boutiques, cafes, and street musicians, quickly brought me back to my walks in Montmartre. As an art lover, I enjoyed my time as a young artist in Barcelona, ​​at the Picasso Museum. I loved exploring Pablo's outstanding early works, which evoked memories of getting lost in the endless galleries of the Louvre and Musée d'Orsay.

According to Budget Your Trip, two people pay an average of $2,334 for a week-long trip to Barcelona.


Ms. Polla said Seville “transported” her to Paris with its “majestic Moorish architecture.”

“The tour of the breathtaking Alcazar Palace, with its ornate courtyards and gardens, felt like a royal retreat in Versailles,” she said. She said: “Climbing the Giralda bell tower and looking out at the vast cityscape below reminded me of climbing the Eiffel Tower for panoramic views.”

Even cheaper than Barcelona, ​​a week-long vacation for two to Seville costs just $1,869, according to Budget Your Trip.

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