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Unlike most places watching Taylor Swift leave for another city on her Elas tour, Paris isn't worried. The 2024 Summer Olympics is expected to attract 15 million tourists over 67 days. As the countdown begins, here's a guide to finding his QR codes for last-minute tickets, tips and transportation, and how the city has tackled its reputation for not being the most customer-friendly.

The official website of the Paris Olympics is now open – event tickets can be resold and purchased

meanwhile guardian There are reports that the ultra-wealthy are spending $500,000 on packages that include accommodation and tickets to popular events, but there are ways to get tickets to some events during the Olympics for less.

Websites and applications for reselling Olympic tickets are now live, allowing ticket holders to legally resell tickets to venues and, in accordance with IOC instructions, to resell tickets at this time before the start of the Olympics. and is the only official way to purchase. Currently, his QR code for venue entry is not enabled so it cannot be counterfeited, but the site will allow ticket holders to transfer his QR code.

Navigating Paris during the Olympics—QR Codes

During the Olympics, some areas of Paris will require a QR code for entry, and the platform is now also available in is called game pass And it will primarily be needed by people who live and work in Olympic areas with free access, as well as workers such as taxi and delivery drivers. There is also a map showing where you can and cannot run during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Paris is an expensive city – should tourists tip?

In the 2023 Global Cost of Living Index, Paris ranks seventh, behind Los Angeles and ahead of Tel Aviv and Copenhagen. Unlike other world cities, tips are not expected in restaurants and bars as the law already includes a 15% service charge. However, if the service was really good, it's normal to leave a small tip of a few euros for extra money.

To keep your travel costs down, come to Paris at the beginning of the month and look for one of the many museums that offer free admission on the first Sunday of each month. Just like in London, there are great places to enjoy the view without paying, such as Belleville's parks with views of the Eiffel Tower, and lovely off-the-beaten-path bars and restaurants such as Bar His Combat and Bistro. There are also many places. run tract.

Another great transportation option is Velib bike rental. It costs just 3 euros for 45 minutes and can be found on many street corners. Furthermore, it is better to buy subway tickets in bulk, such as his 10-piece coupon ticket.

Can you speak tourist?Visitors will find a city ready to welcome

Although both France and its capital have a reputation for not being completely welcoming to tourists, washington post According to reports, the city of Paris is working hard to welcome visitors in the most polite way possible.

In 2023, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry revived an old campaign called “Do You Speak Touriste?” To remind hospitality industry employees of the subtleties between different cultures and how it can lead to misunderstandings. Examples include repeating or paraphrasing what the tourist has said, and asking if they were understood.

When it was released in 2013, it was reported that the “Do You Speak Touriste?'' advertising campaign had been launched asking Parisians to be more kind to tourists. bloomberg at that time.

Many companies in Paris (approximately 1,600 companies) have signed the Hospitality Charter in order to follow certain principles of sustainable and environmentally friendly measures and improve the visitor experience. Stickers are displayed in store windows to show tourists that these businesses can be trusted.

Accommodation still available in Paris during the Olympics

When the Paris Olympics were announced, prices were very high, but for travelers looking for average-priced accommodation, although prices have come down significantly, room prices are still below other It is twice as much as in summer.

For those looking to stay somewhere special, Airbnb introduced its Icons collection this week. This will allow tourists to book accommodation at highly popular venues, such as an overnight stay at the Musée d'Orsay in the case of the Paris Olympics. With beds set up in the clock room, guests can watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony from the rooftop terrace, as well as enjoy private access to the Impressionist art collection.

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