6 Must-See Exhibitions in Paris This Summer: Chagall, Matisse, Gwen O'Neill and More

More than 20 works from this series are on display in one of the oldest galleries in Paris. The fable of the fountain On display for the first time. Created between 1926 and 1927, the series was commissioned by the art dealer, publisher and writer Ambroise Vollard to illustrate the book of the same name. It was misunderstood at the time: why commission a Russian artist to interpret the most French of poets? It was this contradiction that intrigued Vollard. The result is a free and vibrant body of work, along with ten other works by the artist.

Exhibition Tomona Matsukawa Final 2024 Oil painting on linen attached to panel ©Tomonamatsukawa Courtesy Ceysson ...

Tomona Matsukawa, finally2024, oil on linen on panelTomona Matsukawa, courtesy of Ceysson & Bénétière

Tomona Matsukawa, As I am in Gallery Sayson & Venetiere

date: Until July 13th

There is something striking about the hyper-realistic works of Japanese artist China Matsukawa. Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1987, she graduated from Tama University in 2011, where she immediately majored in oil painting. But her work has a unique quality. Born from conversations with women of her generation, her portraits depict vestiges of everyday life, seemingly mundane fragments, made extraordinary by the same process. These photorealistic canvases take on a dramatic dimension, whether she is depicting a mobile phone screen, a delicate earring, or a damaged notebook. It is her way of highlighting the great fragility of life and beautifully depicting even the smallest moments.

Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly, Four Greens, Upper Manhattan Bay1957, Collage on postcard / Collage on postcard, 8.6 × 13 cm, Private collection / Private collectionThe Ellsworth Kelly Foundation

Matisse “The Red Workshop” in Louis Vuitton Foundation

date: Until September 9th

Comparative exhibitions are undoubtedly one of the great successes of the Fondation Louis Vuitton, and the contrast between the works of Henri Matisse and those of Ellsworth Kelly achieves this feat. Red WorkshopDrawing on Matisse's masterpiece of 1911, the exhibition brings together for the first time works from his famous Red Studio, complemented by previously unpublished archival documents and works, offering insight into the origins of the central paintings and the circumstances of their creation. Dedicated to the art of Ellsworth Kelly, the exhibition Shape and Color (1949–2015)to highlight the influence Matisse had on his vision. Matisse's bold decision to saturate the surface with a layer of red paint fascinated Ellsworth Kelly and ultimately changed the trajectory of his life, a trajectory that began exactly 100 years ago in 1923 in New York State. The exhibition marks both an anniversary and the beginning of a dialogue to find new avenues of reflection on both student and master.

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