Paris Olympics visitors face hefty tourist tax bill as rates rise to £51.33 per night | Daily Record

This summer, Paris is expected to be inundated with hundreds of thousands of tourists as it hosts the 33rd Olympic Games in July, which is likely to boost tourist spending.

A staggering 10 million tickets have been sold, and around half a million sports fans are expected to descend on the French capital to cheer on their country – this comes in the same year that Paris authorities decided to increase tourist taxes on certain accommodation by 260%.

As reported by Nottinghamshire Live, airport transfer experts at hoppa have put together a handy guide for people planning to attend this year's Olympics. Tourist tax is a tax levied by local authorities on tourists visiting their area, with the aim of raising funds to protect local areas and ensure sustainable tourism in the future.

The tax varies depending on the country, region and accommodation rating. In Paris, it currently ranges between 2.60 and 14.95 euros per person per night, and children under 18 are exempt from tax.

This fee is usually collected at your accommodation or the check-in desk when you arrive at your destination, but experts advise to be wary of scams where fake travel agents ask for the tax before you even board your flight.

The French capital is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers(Image: Getty Images)

While the per-person price may seem relatively cheap, it can quickly add up if you're travelling with four people, as Paris charges a per-person, per night fee. The biggest tourist tax increases are for guests staying in palatial hotels, where the rate is rising by 199%, from €5 (£4.29) to €14.95 (£12.83) in 2023.

A family of four with adult children (over 18) would pay as much as €59.80 (£51.33) per night.

Most tourists visiting the French capital this summer are expected to stay in hotels and serviced apartments, but the tax rate is almost tripled in most of these accommodations.

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