How to get cheap Disneyland Paris tickets and hotels

Going to Disneyland Paris on a budget is possible if you try out some of our money-saving tips – you could save hundreds of pounds.

Whether it's using the French Disney website to get lower prices or making the most of your annual pass, our guides will help you plan your dream trip for less.

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Disneyland Paris Annual Pass: Details

Last summer, Disneyland Paris launched a new series of passes, with the top pass now costing €200 more than its predecessor. Disney has also removed perks such as exclusive park entry for passholders, but the biggest change is the removal of the Magic Hour perk (which allowed earlier/late entry into the parks) on the lower two passes. Are the passes still worth it?

  • Bronze – €289 (£246)
  • Silver – €499 (£425)
  • Gold – €699 (£595)

Disneyland Paris Annual Pass: Bronze

The card gives you access to the parks and free parking for 170 days per year, excluding peak days (such as school holidays) and most weekends. It allows a maximum of two consecutive visits and is subject to capacity. It does not include any other benefits, which means you are not entitled to Magic Hour admission or discounts on food, photos or merchandise.

Disneyland Paris Annual Pass: Silver

Guests can enjoy access to the park and free parking 300 days a year, including most weekends (excluding the days around Halloween, Christmas and Easter), and 10% off merchandise, photography and restaurant meals, but not Magic Hours.

Disneyland Paris Annual Pass: Gold

You'll get access to Disneyland and free parking all year round. You'll receive a 15% discount on restaurant and merchandise purchases. Your rate includes a PhotoPass, which allows you to download digital photos taken by Disney photographers. A big perk is that it includes “Magic Hours,” meaning you can get early entry to the parks and rides before their official opening times.

Compare and purchase your annual pass on the Disneyland website

How often do you need to use a Disneyland Paris annual pass to make it worthwhile?

  • bronze – At least 3 separate visits (with a single undated ticket) or at least 2 visits using a 2-day ticket
  • Silver – At least 4 separate visits (with a single undated ticket) or at least 2 visits using a 3-day ticket
  • Money – At least five separate visits (with a single dated ticket) or at least three visits using a three-day ticket (two visits if spanning Halloween and New Years)

Want to book a Disneyland Paris vacation? Easily compare and find great deals on nearby accommodation.

How to get cheap Disneyland Paris tickets

Disneyland Paris Tickets

Try out some Disney ticket combinations

If you don't plan on visiting Disneyland often, you may not need an annual pass, but Disney also sells passes for one- to four-day visits.

There are two options for day passes: you can pay an additional fee and get admission to both parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, or you can pay less and choose the park you most want to visit.

When you purchase a two- or four-day pass (consecutive days), you automatically get admission to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park.

We've crunched the numbers to reveal the cheapest way to purchase passes, depending on how many days and when you plan to spend at Disney.

4-day visit during peak period (summer holidays)

Saving: GBP 96 for a family of four (weekend in August)

how? You can save up to £24 per person by opting for a four-day, two-park pass, which allows you to move freely between the parks and is cheaper than buying four one-park, one-day passes.

Savings: GBP 44 for a family of four

4-day stay on off-peak days

Saving: GBP 100 for a family of four (January weekend)

how? Ditch the two four-day park passes and buy four one-day park passes, saving you up to £25 per person. These passes allow you to enter either Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park every day, and you can't move between parks – you can spend two days at one park and two days at the other, and you don't have to decide in advance which days you want to visit, with no major drawbacks.

3 day visit during peak period

Saving: GBP 90 for a family of four (July weekend)

how? Ditch the 3-day 2-park pass and save money by opting for 3 1-park-per-day passes. The advantage is that you don't have to visit on 3 consecutive days and can split up your visit. However, you can't park hop and since the days are odd, you'll have to decide which park you want to spend 2 of the 3 days at.

Top TipsDisneyland Park is larger than Walt Disney Studios Park, so you’ll want to split your time accordingly.

3-day off-peak stay

Saving: £140 for a family of four (January weekend)

how? Ditch the 3-day pass and opt for three 1-park-per-day passes to save money.

Two day visit during peak hours

Saving: GBP 92 for a family of four (weekends in July/August)

how? Don't go for the 2-day 2-park pass – you won't be able to tour the parks, but you can split your time evenly and spend one day at each park.

Two day visit on off-peak days

Saving: £107

how? Ditch the 2 day 2 park pass.

Buy now Tickets from the Disneyland website.

Get cheap Disneyland tickets by choosing a dated pass

By choosing a dated ticket instead of an undated one during the off-peak season you can save up to £174 (per day) per family of four.

Even in peak season, family trips can be up to £58 cheaper, and if your plans change, no problem – you'll get a full refund up to three days in advance. Open-date tickets and annual passes aren't as flexible as you might think, as you have to register online in advance for the dates you want to visit.

Visit in winter

Naturally, tickets will be cheaper in the winter months: we checked and found that a one-day ticket during the February 2025 half-term holidays was £374 for a family of four, which is £70 cheaper than the price for August 2024 (£444). Adult Disney fans can get the most affordable tickets by avoiding the school holidays altogether.

Tip: It's virtually impossible to see everything at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios in one day, so if you're only going for one day, opt for a One Park Ticket to save £23* per adult.

*Savings relate to peak Saturday days in August

Book your Disneyland tickets on the French website

Brits are charged a premium for tickets and accommodation at Disneyland Paris, French Disneyland websiteWhen we checked ticket prices for one-day admission to both parks for a family of four in August, we found that using a French site saved us £49.

Enter the French version of the website in your address bar to access the discount ( and use Google Chrome's built-in extension to translate the page into English (it pops up automatically when you visit a foreign website). But do compare prices with UK sites to ensure you're getting the best deal.

TipIf you're booking a Disney holiday in the US, go to or instead of for a wider range of park tickets and prices.

Click here for details Save money on your vacation without a VPN

What are the cheapest hotels to stay at in Disneyland Paris?

  • Disney Hotel Cheyenne – Western themed hotel

Disneyland Paris has six official Disney hotels to stay in and one self-catering lodge accommodation. These are:

  • Disneyland Hotel 5 stars
  • Disney Hotel New York – Amazing art! 4 stars
  • Disney's Newport Bay Club 4 stars
  • Disney's Sequoia Lodge 3-star
  • Disney Hotel Cheyenne 3-star
  • Disney Hotel Santa iron 2-star
  • Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch Self-catering lodge

According to Snapshot research, Disney's Hotel Cheyenne is the cheapest hotel in Disneyland Paris (tickets included) when booked through the official website. A six-day survey in June, July and August found that it would cost an average of £751 for a family of four to stay one night this summer, which includes a two-day park ticket for entry to both parks.

Book a stay at Disney Hotel Cheyenne You can purchase them directly from the Disneyland Paris website.

How much does it cost to stay at a Disneyland Hotel in Paris?

Disneyland Hotel Paris

The flagship Disneyland Hotel is a five-star “Fairytale Kingdom” resort at the entrance to the park, featuring Disney Princesses and other royalty. After a two-year renovation, it finally reopened in January 2024. It's also the most expensive Disney hotel to stay at: according to our Snapshot research, a family of four staying here this summer (including two-day park admission) will cost an average of £1,781 a night – more than double the cost of Disney's Hotel Cheyenne.

Book a stay at the Disneyland Hotel

Don't assume that staying at a Disney hotel will save you money.

Based on research on the Disneyland website, Disney Hotel Cheyenne was cheaper for a family of four than any of the official Disney partner hotels located outside the park but within a 20-minute walk. These hotels include Ki Space Hotel & Spa, Adagio Marne-la-Vallée Val d'Europe, Explorers Fabulous Hotels Group, Campanile Val de France, Hôtel l'Elysée Val d'Europe, B&B Hotel, and Staycity Aparthotels Paris, Marne-la-Vallée. Nightly rates, including park tickets for both the day before and the day after, were compared over a six-day period in the summer.

Not all non-Disneyland hotels are expensive. If you look outside of Disneyland's affiliated hotels and off-site, you'll find cheaper options.

Tip: If you're not staying at a Disney hotel, parking in the park costs GBP 27 (€30) per day, so avoid driving if possible. If you book at a Disney affiliated hotel (listed above), you'll pay for parking unless you book directly through the Disneyland website.

confirm To easily compare and find accommodations near Disney, Check hotel rates directly.

Do I need to book Disneyland Paris affiliate hotels directly with Disney?

If you want to book a partner hotel, we recommend checking whether it is better to book through Disney or directly.

For example, the Adagio Marne La Vallée Val d'Europe Aparthotel is offering cheaper rates for a family of four with a two-day, two-park ticket when booked directly through the Disneyland Paris site on July 20-21 and August 17-18, and parking is also free.

What is the cheapest way to get from central Paris to Disneyland?

Family on the train

A taxi from central Paris to Disneyland will cost around GBP 62. A quicker and cheaper option is to take the suburban RER from Gare de Lyon to Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy (Line A), which takes 38 minutes and costs just GBP 4.25 (€5) per adult. The station is right next to the park and there's no need to buy tickets in advance.

What is the best way to get to Disneyland from the airport?

Prices for the 10-minute TGV train from Paris Charles de Gaulle to Marne-la-Vallée airport start from £20 per adult, or you can hop on Disney's hour-long train if you're heading directly to the parks. Magic Shuttle By bus. A one-way ticket from Paris Charles de Gaulle or Orly airport costs GBP 20 (€24) per adult and GBP 9 (€11) per child. Children under 3 travel free.

A cheaper option is to take the RER via central Paris, changing at Châtelet-Les Halles.

Disneyland Paris Weather – Monthly

We recommend visiting in July when temperatures are at their most pleasant and the chances of rain are the lowest.

Weather data collected from Weather2Travel.

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