How the 2024 Paris Olympics will impact travel

Some events at the Paris Olympics may be affected

The highway is the main artery of the Parisian road network.

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The main A13 motorway linking Paris with Normandy is expected to be closed for a longer period than expected, which could affect certain events for the 2024 Olympics near the capital.

In April, part of the highway near Vaucresson (Hauts-de-Seine) was closed after cracks were discovered in a viaduct, some of which were around 80 centimetres deep.

Repair work began in mid-May and officials initially thought the road would be fully reopened by the end of June, but this plan is now considered too ambitious.

According to an anonymous source, General Directorate of Interprovincial Roads of the Ile-de-France (DiRIF, responsible for road maintenance around the capital) said: France Info The opening date will likely have to be postponed by at least a month.

This means that the highway will remain partially closed after the opening ceremony of the Paris Olympics on July 26th.

Olympic sports may be affected

Olympic organisers are concerned by the news as the highway is a key route between the French capital and the Yvelines department, where many of the events will be held.

The competitions taking place in this department, which is most easily accessible from the capital via the A13, include:

  • Golf on the Guyancourt course

  • Equestrian events at Versailles

  • Mountain biking at Elancourt

  • Cycling, BMX and fencing in Montigny-le-Bretonneux

One lane near the viaduct was reopened to traffic last month, but the increase in Olympic-related travel will cause serious congestion both on this section of the A13 and on a smaller alternative road into the Yvelines department.

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However, even if the highway does not fully reopen before the start of the Olympics, some sections of the road may still be opened before the opening ceremony.

Why is the highway closed?

On April 19, part of the A13 motorway, a major artery connecting the capital with Normandy and the west of Paris, was partially closed near Paris after a crack was found in a viaduct in the Hauts-de-Seine department.

A series of tests were carried out on the bridge and work to repair the road began in mid-May.

The damage is not just superficial but has also affected the viaduct's foundations, and work is already taking longer than expected.

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More than 100,000 vehicles pass over the viaduct in question every day, mostly commuters from Yvelines and Normandy heading to Paris.

Media Survey France Info It concluded that the damage may have been caused by: Construction of an underground parking lot Near the bridge that connects to the base of the highway.

However, this has not been confirmed.

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