6 Best Day Trips from Paris

Paris has something to satisfy every cultural appetite: take selfies with famous landmarks while traveling on a double-decker bus, take a bespoke tour of the cutting-edge art scene, enjoy a cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge, experience a sensational drag performance at Madame Arthur, savour traditional French cuisine at a Belle Epoque brasserie or sweat your way through spicy Filipino fried chicken wings at the fashionable 11ème restaurant. You can even become a flâneur and get lost among the cobblestone streets and Haussmannian façades. It's impossible to get bored in Paris.

But with the Olympics bringing in a lot of tourists this summer, it might be worth taking a break and taking a day trip. Travel companies are rolling out new services to make it easier than ever to get out of the capital. For example, Frenchbee, the French national railway company, recently partnered with SNCF to launch an air+rail service, which allows you to combine flights and train tickets to 15 destinations into one itinerary, with discounted fares and assistance in case of delays and cancellations. Travelers can focus on brushing up on their travel knowledge. Frenchand we won't even mention the transport troubles: here's your guide to where to go, what to see, what to eat and what to do in Bordeaux, Marseille, Versailles, Fontainebleau, Reims and Lille, the best day trips from Paris, according to local experts.

Complete Paris travel guide here.

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