Joe Burrow and Justin Jefferson take Paris by storm, then head to Vogue World 2024

For friends and former college teammates Joe Burrow and Justin Jefferson, first it was winning a national championship at Louisiana State University, then becoming NFL superstars, and now an instantly viral trip to Paris Fashion Week Men's, culminating in an appearance at Vogue World 2024.

“I've always loved clothes but didn't really understand the industry, so I wanted to learn more,” Barrow says. trend. The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback arrived in Paris earlier this week and sat front row at Amiri alongside Jefferson, the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver, touring the Hermes ateliers and feasting on French cuisine.

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Barrow from Vogue World

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“L'Avenue's lobster and shrimp fire“It's a great city, even though there's a lot of traffic and the way people drive is kind of crazy,” said Jefferson, who was visiting the City of Lights for the first time. He added that he wants to be known as “more than just a football player” and said that Amiri's show was his favorite. “I wear Amiri a lot. Relaxed and chilled is my style.”

After a whirlwind of shows and parties, Barrow and Jefferson took to the catwalk at Vogue World 2024. “I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person,” she said. [and] “I think doing the show is a great way to do that,” said Barrow, dressed in a black satin-lapeled suit by Peter Do. “I think the intersection of fashion and sports is going to continue to grow.” For Jefferson, the idea of ​​taking part in a star-studded, fashion-filled evening was just as appealing.

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