Winning the Olympics: Paris 2024 Travel Survival Guide

France expects 15 million tourists to visit Paris and other areas where the Olympics will be held in 2024.

As France and much of the world eagerly await the Summer Olympics, there is a sense of celebration, but there is also a lot to be aware of. Petty crime, bedbugs, traffic congestion, labor strikes, and terrorism are some of the main concerns.

Are these issues real? Probably. But is it worth preparing for them, or at least understanding them better? Let's take a closer look.

Petty crime and fraud

Travelers often worry about becoming victims of scams and fraud while visiting a foreign country, and criminals may take advantage of the influx of tourists during the Olympics to carry out fraudulent activities such as fake ticket sales, pickpocketing, and identity theft.

Olympic spectators from other countries may find it difficult to blend in, but they can tone down their typical tourist appearance, avoid high-crime areas, and be more mindful of those around them. Looking and acting like a tourist can come across as inexperienced, naive, lacking cultural awareness, and wealthy.

Traffic, traffic, traffic

Olympic travellers with transportation concerns are likely to face challenges. Navigating crowded public transport systems, dealing with traffic jams and arriving at event venues on time can be stressful for visitors. Language barriers and unfamiliarity with the local transport infrastructure can also add to these concerns.

The Olympics will test Paris' famed metro system, not only to address staffing issues, but also to manage peaks in demand from fans traveling to and from stadium events. Paris' bus system has stops everywhere, and buses are numbered to indicate the route they serve. Travelers need to know their destination to determine which bus route they need.

Driving in Paris can be dangerous due to planned road closures, especially near landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Champ de Mars and the Trocadero. Only use licensed taxis as there has been an increase in fake taxis and drivers trying to scam tourists.

Labor strikes

Labor strikes, public transport worker disruptions, political unrest and protests are potential concerns for travellers visiting France this summer, whether or not they are attending the Olympics. Civil unrest, demonstrations and worker strikes may disrupt local services, transport and public safety. Travelers may find themselves caught in volatile situations or have their travel disrupted by labor strikes and political unrest.

bed bugs

In France, as in other countries, bed bug infestations can occur in areas with high foot traffic and high tourist numbers, such as hotels and accommodations popular with tourists. Travelers can take precautions and reduce the risk of encountering bed bugs by following a few rules:

First, check your bed and the surrounding area for signs of bed bugs, such as dark spots on the mattress or bed frame. Second, move your luggage away from your bed and place it on a luggage rack or stand. Third, when you return from your trip, wash your clothes in hot water and dry them on high heat. Finally, use a protective mattress cover and organize your belongings to reduce places for bed bugs to hide.

Bedbugs are a concern in France, but by taking precautions and remaining vigilant, travelers can minimize the risk of encountering these pests during their stay.


One of the biggest risks and fears for travelers at a major international event like the Summer Olympics is safety and security. With the threat of terrorism looming globally, there is great concern for the safety of athletes and spectators. France has experienced terrorist attacks in recent years, raising concerns about the possibility of security incidents during the Olympics. French authorities are not relying solely on their own security forces to prevent terrorist attacks. Authorities have reached out to foreign allies, asking them to send thousands of security forces to assist.

Although terror attacks have occurred in France, prevention at the Olympics is an international effort and France has excellent counter-terrorism capabilities: France works with a multinational task force that has been preparing for years to protect the Olympics from attacks.

Travel Insurance

Whether you're traveling to the Olympics in France, a music festival in Brazil, or any other big event in a new place, you should hope for the best-case travel scenario, but be prepared for the unexpected by purchasing a travel protection membership and travel insurance.

These two services each fulfill different travel needs: Travel insurance is designed to provide financial compensation and medical coverage for trip interruption, while travel protection memberships like Global Rescue provide emergency on-site rescue, medical evacuation and transportation, and medical advisory services at no extra cost.

Harding Bush is a former Navy SEAL and Deputy Director of Security Operations for Global Rescue, the world's leading medical, security, evacuation and travel risk management services provider. Bush is an expert in high-risk travel procedures, cultural awareness, crisis preparedness and operational planning.

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