Best vegan food in Paris 2024: bakeries, restaurants and supermarkets in the French capital

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Louise Thomas

aParis! In its world-famous culinary scene, locally produced cheeses, wines and meats are as ubiquitous as the Eiffel Tower trinkets peddled by street vendors.

By foot Roux The menu includes French classics like brown butter, coq au vin, and escargot. Of course, red wine is served. And finally, cigarettes. But if you're vegan or like me,Vegandiet?

After eight years of being vegan and thoroughly researching every city I chose to dine in, I'll admit I was a little nervous about traveling to the birthplace of fromage.

But I was also pleasantly surprised: my trip included visiting some amazing places, like a quaint bakery with a wide selection of vegan baked goods, fine dining restaurants serving innovative cuisine, and even eating a plant-based burger in my apartment kitchen after a particularly tiring day in the city.

Please check it.

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Today and tomorrow

Best for: A leisurely weekend brunch

Heading out for brunch today or tomorrow
Heading out for brunch today or tomorrow (Adrienne Webster)

position: 42 Rue du Chemin Vert, 11th arrondissement

Aujourd'hui Demain is a mix of bakery, café, and vegan clothing and food store, just a five-minute walk from the nearby Saint-Ambroise metro station, and serves up hearty brunches and lunches to keep you full all day.

Located in the Bastille district in the 11th arrondissement, this 100% vegan restaurant serves delicious dishes such as fish and peas (battered tofu served with beans and fries), cheddar burgers, ramen and truffle mac and cheese. Not only is the quantity great, but the quality is also great, with dishes beautifully presented and well-balanced flavours.

I ordered the quesadilla (not exactly French but that's life!) which was stuffed with vegan chili and topped with herby chimichurri and crème fraîche/sour cream, perfectly served with a delicious side salad.

We sat on the side of the road on a Sunday morning and enjoyed people watching, but inside the shop they stock a range of vegan bakery items including the usual croissants and pain au chocolat, as well as cakes that can be pre-ordered.

There's also a fashion shopping section featuring vegan-friendly brands such as Matt + Nat, and a vegan mini supermarket stocking groceries, frozen meals, herbs and spices, drinks, etc. If you're a Club Mate fan, this is the place to stop by.

Make sure you make a reservation – there were a lot of groups and couples who had to wait for a table on the street.

Land and monkeys

Recommendation: Parisian pastries

Try plant-based pastries at Land & Monkeys
Try plant-based pastries at Land & Monkeys (Adrienne Webster)

place: Beaumarchais, Place des Vosges, Amsterdam, Roquette, Pernety

A chance encounter with a Scottish friend who had lived and worked in Paris for five years told us about Land & Monkeys, a 100% vegan bakery chain with multiple locations across the city.

I was hoping for a croissant and coffee, but was instead greeted with a wide selection of entirely plant-based cakes and pastries: pain au chocolat, quiche, apricot and pistachio tart, chocolate gateau and cookies, as well as “bacon and cheese” and Mediterranean vegetable baguettes, perfect for those wanting to enjoy a mini picnic at Le Parc.

Prices were reasonable too, with a pain au chocolat costing just over 1 euro, and we bought six on the day we left Paris – what's morning coffee without a pastry?

Charlotte's Garden

Best for: Fine dining

Hummus with black sesame cream, chopped pistachios and pomegranate
Hummus with black sesame cream, chopped pistachios and pomegranate (Adrienne Webster)

place: 17th and 9th arrondissements

The 17th arrondissement isn't as touristy, but its streets are filled with quaint wine bars and there are plenty of lovely cafés and restaurants. It's also home to Le Potager De Charlotte, a gourmet vegan restaurant with lush interiors so cosy you'll want to spend the whole night there sipping a bottle (or two) of red wine.

For the starter we had lemony hummus with black sesame cream, chopped pistachios and mouth-popping pomegranate, which we mopped up with some delicious French bread, and then for the main we had rigatoni with a balsamic and basil cream sauce, sunflower seeds, edamame and sun-dried tomatoes.

We brought home a jar of chocolate mousse with edible flowers, raspberries, candied pecans and chocolate flakes and ate it on the banks of the Seine beneath the Eiffel Tower as the sun went down. It was heavenly.

It's a premium item, so be prepared to pay a little more (but it's worth it).

Charlie's Crew

Best for: People with special dietary requirements

Find vegan, keto, paleo-friendly and gluten-free options at Charli's Crew
Find vegan, keto, paleo-friendly and gluten-free options at Charli's Crew (Adrienne Webster)

position: 14 Rue Mandar, 75002, 2nd arrondissement

One day, walking down Rue Mandar on my way to the Louvre, I stumbled upon Charlie's Crew, a fun-looking cafe, lit up in the sunshine and with a sticker saying “vegan” in the window.

We took a seat outside and were greeted unexpectedly by the aforementioned Scottish waitress, who explained that almost everything on the menu can be made vegan and even provided us with a list of other dining options in the city.

The menu includes bowls, cakes, and brunch snacks (such as avocado toast with vegan feta, nuts, and edible flowers), as well as tofu salad bowls, mac and cheese, plant burgers, and scrambled tofu.

Some dishes are also ketogenic, paleo and gluten-free compatible.


Best for: Dining on the go

position: Multiple locations in the city, including near the Luxembourg Gardens

Supermarket chain Monoprix is ​​like a Japanese version of Tesco Express and isn't perfect by any standards – not every store has vegan options – but I did find a vegan wrap with chicken substitute, crunchy coleslaw and creamy mayonnaise that was perfect for filling up after a day of wandering around the city.

There's also a wide selection of ready-made salads and salad bar options, such as green lentil salad and mezze bowls with falafel, hummus and leaves. Grab some ray's and fruit and you've got a tasty snack recipe perfect for a picnic in the park.

Attic of Notre Dame

Best for: Romantic date night

Vegan Spot in Paris' Latin Quarter
Vegan Spot in Paris' Latin Quarter (Adrienne Webster)

position: 18 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005, 5th arrondissement

Located in the Latin Quarter of Paris, this place is literally just Located just around the corner from Notre Dame Cathedral (still closed), this restaurant is leafy and cozy, perfect for a romantic meal after sightseeing.

Opened in 1978, it was France's first vegetarian café and serves dishes such as lentil burgers, dauphinoise gratin and chickpea 'foie gras'.

We decided to get burgers to go as we wanted to eat in the apartment after a long day walking around the city, and we also ordered a chocolate brownie and chocolate ice cream for after-meal.

Overall, Paris has some top-notch vegetarian restaurants, but most vegan options aren't found by chance, so you may need to plan your itinerary around where you'll eat.

Have a nice trip! And enjoy!

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