Irish government encourages safe travel ahead of Paris Olympics

9 July 2024: The Irish team and ministers meet at Iveagh House in Dublin.Irish Department of Foreign Affairs @dfatirl, X

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs is continuing to promote its 'Make the Right Memories' safe travel campaign ahead of this summer's Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games.

On Tuesday, Ireland's Minister for Agriculture, Charlie McConalogue, Minister of State for Europe, Jennifer Carol McNeill and Minister of State for Sport, Thomas Byrne, welcomed the Irish National Team players to Iveagh House ahead of the Summer Olympics to wish them well.

Attending the event were Irish Para-athletes Colin Judge, Shona Bokke and Dearbhaire Brady, who have represented Ireland in Para-table tennis, Para-athletics and Para-swimming, along with Paralympic Ireland Chairman Eimear Breathnach and CEO Stephen McNamara.

Also in attendance were Irish athletes Cian O'Connor, Sarah Ennis and Amée-Leigh Murphy-Crown who have represented Ireland in show jumping, eventing and rugby sevens. They were joined by Olympic Ireland CEO Peter Sherrard and Horse Sport Ireland CEO Denise Duggan.

Minister McConalogue said on Tuesday: “This summer marks 100 years since Ireland competed at the Olympic Games on the world stage as an independent nation.

“Since Paris 1924 and Rome 1960, Irish athletes have made an incredible contribution to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Their talent, perseverance and mental toughness are a source of national pride and a reminder that there are no limits to what we can achieve.

“We are pleased that Team Ireland players, as role models and representatives of Ireland on the international stage, will be advocating for the Government’s travel advice for nationals travelling to support the team this summer.”

Minister Carol McNeill said Irish players and fans would “contribute to building better relations between Ireland and our closest EU neighbour, France”.

“This summer's tournament will build on the positive experience gained from last autumn's Rugby World Cup and the work of our network of 27 GAA clubs across France, 90% of whose members are French.

“Anyone travelling internationally is encouraged to visit for the latest information and advice.

“We also recommend that anyone planning to travel has comprehensive travel insurance and carries both a valid passport card and a European Health Insurance Card.

“I wish everyone the best of luck as they travel to the Olympics, particularly the Irish team athletes and officials, and I look forward to cheering you on.” Let's go green!”

Minister Byrne said: “Ireland has a rich and unique sporting tradition and this is reflected in the increasing international competitiveness of our players and teams.

“We are incredibly proud of the more than 150 athletes who will be representing our country at the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer.

“As the anticipation grows for Paris, I look forward to cheering on Team Ireland and continuing the tradition of Paris 2024 to ensure Ireland's continued participation in the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the next 100 years.”

Paralympics Ireland's Eimer Breathnach said: “Preparation is key for any elite athlete and we are delighted to receive these passport cards from the Foreign Office.”

“A smooth travel experience can be the difference between a good performance and a great performance, and we're grateful to the Department of Homeland Security for providing these cards so our athletes can focus on performing their best and achieving their goals, knowing that everything within their control is taken care of.”

Olympic Ireland CEO Peter Sherrard said: “We are delighted to be welcomed to Iveagh House today for a farewell reception from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“The first part of our team leaves for Paris tomorrow. [July 10]Preparations are progressing smoothly.

“This year marks 100 years since the Irish team competed at the Olympic Games so we are hoping it will be a special tournament.

“The support of key stakeholders like DFA has made the preparations much easier. We thank them and look forward to a memorable summer.”

What is the “Make the Right Memories” campaign?

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs launched the “Make the Right Memories” campaign in May, encouraging young people to follow practical steps to stay safe and look after each other over the holidays, including:

  • Keep your phone charged so you can share live location information, especially if you're out at night.
    Keep in contact with anyone travelling with you and your family back in Ireland.
  • Be careful with your drinks in clubs and bars.
  • Take photos of important travel documents, like your passport and flight itinerary, and save them on your phone.
  • Be sure to swim in designated areas and only when it is safe.

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